The Rant

The USA under Biden: Turning woke and going broke.

If a Democratic president had done half the things Trump has, he or she would have been in jail long ago.

Joe Biden gets a new beach house fence at taxpayer expense. We can't get a border wall. He's protected with a wall; we are not.

Cheney was defeated. Trump won. America lost.

The IRS is going to come a-knocking. Send Joe your thank-you note along with your check. All of you.

The Fifth Amendment states we can't be compelled to testify against ourselves in criminal matters. Trump just took it more than 400 times.

The writing is on the wall for RINOs and campaigning Democrats: "RIP, Liz Cheney."

I figured out why Trump was hoarding classified documents. He needed to have something to put into his presidential library.

Liz Cheney just reminded us what dignity and honor look like. Unlike many in her party, she can walk with her head held high.

On global warming, apparently Republicans care more about today's profits than about their grandchildren's future.

Should a Democratic Congress have a committee hearing on Jan. 6 and Trump? Should a Republican Congress have had six committee hearings on Benghazi and Hillary?

What if Trump was the informant for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in order to help him get elected in 2024?

It looks like CNN is working hard to become FOX News II with all the changes it is making.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, thank you for your many years of long and faithful service to the country.

Go north, young women, north to the free states! OB/gyns, pack up and run! We're all handmaids now: un-free in Tennessee.

Before the Supreme Court decision, abortions had fallen dramatically over 30 years. Now, suddenly, everybody needs one. What happened?

A reply to a recent Ranter: If Democrats marred cars with Trump stickers, no bail needed; if Republicans marred cars with Biden stickers, search warrant.

Hey, Marsha, 87,000 IRS agents over 10 years, with 50,000 expected to retire during the same time period, does not equal 87,000 new agents. Read the bill you voted against.

You can't support Gov. Lee if you support public schools. Period. Hopefully, Tennessee will choose another option, which they have in Dr. Jason Martin.

Has the Hamilton County Commission ever considered not meeting on a Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. when most people are at work?

Apparently former state Rep. Robin Smith watched enough TV to know that the first guilty plea gets the lightest sentence.

Would Larry Grohn please go out and remove the rest of the John Brooks yard signs as a public service?

Chief Murphy: Rewarding police officers with a cushy and safe desk job instead of doing their real job is a travesty.

Why are the 10 Chattanooga police officers reassigned for misrepresentation allegations (therefore, they cannot testify in court) still police officers?

It's irresponsible to add more homes in Ooltewah without first adding Exit 12 on Interstate I-75.

A man said, "I think I have been taking Prevagen for seven or eight years"; however, shouldn't he know for sure by taking Prevagen?

Once again, a train stopped on the Hamill Road crossing, blocking the hospital/ER access. How many people die waiting or driving 20-plus minutes around the blockade?

Whatever happened to the Color Cruise?