'Danger' in gift to King School and more letters to the editors

Letters to the Editor

'Danger' in gift to King School

Contrary to the Chattanooga Free Press editorial of Aug. 20 stating that the Hamilton County Commission award $154,577 to the King School "... doesn't seem like a big deal to us," it is, in fact, a very big deal. The King School is a self-identified religious school that is co- sponsored by Chattanooga Christian School. CCS states it seeks to form the minds (brainwash) of students through the timeless truths of Scripture.

Of course, we all want the best education for our children, but public funds should not be spent on religious schools, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, etc.

Apparently Commissioner David Sharpe was the only one familiar with the Tennessee Constitution that states "The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance, support and eligibility standards for a system of free public schools."