The Rant

Colorful Speech Bubble Copyspace
Colorful Speech Bubble Copyspace

Lame ducks (Congress) can get roasted at election time.

What a man. To mothers of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, Putin said he had no regrets about starting the war.

Herschel Walker admitted to have played "Russian roulette"; therefore, do you really want him as your senator, good people of Georgia?

Donald Trump is right about one thing: Kanye West is "seriously troubled."

Granted, my Northwest Georgia district is historically ignorant, but surely even we wouldn't elect MTG and Herschel! Would we?

Biden wants to ban assault weapons, the only thing that we haven't run out of since he became president. So he wants to ban them!

Gun violence is horrible. So is fetal homicide. Who should have any right to do that?

The Rev. Warnock has been duplicitously critical of Herschel Walker. Guess he missed the Sunday School lesson about Jesus' teachings about casting the first stone.

I think the news media should stop making the names of mass shooters/murderers known. That's what they want: to be famous.

I am sure Biden gave a reprieve to the Thanksgiving turkey just as the rest of his ilk has done for all the jailbirds.

Journalists today of every venue thrive on reporting news the way the deep-pocket elites want so much so that "truth is cast to the ground."

Fake news, witch hunt, stolen, rigged, caused insurrection, could have stopped it, should have stopped it, classified documents, habitual lying ... please, not again.

First rule of boating, and now apparently politics: Never approach a boat dock any faster than you're willing to crash in to it.

Loose cannons equal the Wamps, equal immaturity, equal higher taxpayer costs.

Didn't the Board of Education want to tear down Howard and build a new and bigger school? And didn't the African-American community want to keep it like it was? Just sayin' ...

Why are these commercials for nonstick cookware only shown around Christmas?

Really wish Charlie Wysong would mind his own business and just let other people live their own lives.

End of days: Local shoe store keeps right shoes in display boxes and matching left shoes in back to limit shoplifting to one-legged thieves.

Chattanooga area traffic: After $300-million plus, still no relief in sight. Who's calling those shots?

Tractor-trailers have resumed climbing the Ridge Cut in the left lane now that many signs are gone. Troopers, are you up to stopping them?

I saw a bicycle in the McCallie Avenue bike lane. There's a first for everything! What a waste of money.

How quickly the right side (as in "conservative," not "correct") of the TFP's editorial pages has turned against Trump. After the mid-terms, he's now seen for what he really has been all along.

Since November 2020, has there ever been one single day when Donald Trump has not been mentioned on the Chattanooga Times editorial page?

Preserve Enterprise South as it is.

Do you know the difference between a baby and a Tennessee Vols fan? After six months, a baby stops crying.

A good rant: I am thankful the City of Chattanooga has repaved Davidson Road, and it is awesome. Thank you!

It's hard enough dealing with the loss of a child/loved one. It's sickening when you go visit the gravesite to find that someone has stolen the flowers, not once but twice. Shame on you.

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