The Rant

Georgia runoff election night: Herschel Walker's team advised him he was down by less than 1%. Herschel said, "Great, what is a percent?"

Gaslighting is the word of the year. They should have Donald Trump's picture next to the dictionary definition.

Back to the 1960s we go! Colorado shooting was in an LGBTQ club, not a "gay" club, as Monday's headline read. Try to keep up, TFP.

Todd Chrisley ("Chrisley Knows Best") evidently didn't know best as he is going to federal prison.

Got a ticket from Republic Parking three minutes after we paid. Luckily I kept the receipt. They must watch us leave our cars. Scary.

Qatar wasn't the right place to hold the World Cup for one big reason: 400 to 500 migrant workers were killed getting it ready.

You rookies compensating with blinding bat-signal headlights: Find someone good with tools to help you properly adjust the aim of your lights.

Never had a president say he wants to be known as "pro union." Really? Never good for America. Too much control representing small population percentage.

Republicans, cut your losses and move on from Trump.

How I can leave my home for two weeks, turn off all appliances, HVAC, water heater and still get a utility bill larger than ever?

Harry and Meghan, Harry and Meghan. Good grief. They need to get over themselves. Easy to be crusaders when you are loaded.

Well, from recent news, it looks as if all we county and city taxpayers need to do is cough up more money to solve poor schools, homelessness and racism.

I have a better change of getting free backstage passes to a Taylor Swift concert than the TFP's adherence to "give the news impartially ... "

Did anyone notice Chattanooga was listed as the ninth worst city in the country for long airport layovers? What say you, airport board?

County commissioners: Just do it. Ditch the attorney. This is prolonged pain and an embarrassment to you and no one else.

Hamilton County Commissioners Beck, Mackey aghast people would be upset at a county attorney who doesn't follow the law. Really?

That the Hamilton County attorney called the city to tip it off about the non-permitted ramp for a Christmas gathering is the definition of Grinch.

Signs for May, August office contenders Brian Bush, Jim Exum, J.B. Smiley still littering East Brainerd, perhaps elsewhere. Get 'em down!

Instead of free money, how about parental responsibility to not have children if you can't afford them?

Would love to know the full story behind the Chattanooga police firing their social media coordinator after less than three months. Chief?

Dallas Bay Baptist giving away goldendoodle puppy at its Christmas service. Just something kind of icky about equating this with Jesus' birth.

With Trump fading from the picture, who will Times cartoonist Bennett target next? I will miss (not!) his daily dump on DJT.

I've noticed while reading comments on news articles that readers who can't accept the truth are the ones who accuse publications of being biased.

Our governor, Bill Lee, wants to tax electric vehicles because they are not paying road tax. Go Bill. Shock it to them.

Let's consider every option before toll lanes. Remember when Don Sundquist said a state income tax was our only revenue option?

A "grant" (grateful rant): Thank you, Publix, for making quality, courtesy, cleanliness and value look easy. You are an asset to our city.