The Rant

Time magazine got it right when it named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy "Person of the Year."

Where did all the media fact checkers go? They've been missing for two years. They were on bizarre speed before that. Hmm ... let me guess.

Christmas wish list: Ukraine war ends, no Biden in '24, no Trump in '24, and transgender kids get health care in Florida.

I trust in God. I do not trust in my government. Neither should you.

Why has the major national media been silent on all that Elon Musk has discovered about Twitter? Afraid to report news that may hurt a bit?

Even though it's a Vanderbilt poll, was glad to see DeSantis leading Trump in Tennessee. In our red state, that's real bad news for Trump.

Why are the Dems so upset over free speech on social media? Turns out, there's a lot of truth that's been censored to their advantage.

No Chattanooga project specifically named in Beacon Center's annual Pork Report. Whew, escaped scrutiny this year.

Talk about bad prisoner swaps: Trump once traded 5,000 Taliban fighters for 1,000 Afghans.

As diehard Republicans: Thank you, Mayor Wamp. Conversely, we are so disappointed in our county commissioners for enabling the "good ol' boy" mentality.

Was glad to see Chip Baker upbraid the finance director for not following the rules. Maybe the commission is cracking on the county attorney's job abuse.

Trump is back on Twitter, and some companies won't advertise on it. MTG calls that "corporate communism." Georgia 14th District voters, you re-elected her.

Dems support illegals coming across our border, noncitizens voting, abortion available till day of birth, income redistribution. Are you paying attention?

MTG's sense of humor isn't funny. GOP is stuck with her and her craven ideas for gosh knows how long.

Why does the Hamilton County Commission meet on Wednesday mornings when we're all at work? Other commissions/councils meet after work hours. Don't want feedback?

If it had been Taylor Swift instead of Brittney Griner, would Biden be getting raked over the coals for making a "bad deal?" Nope.

The homeless "crisis" will be solved with more taxpayer money. So there will be less money for roads, police and schools. Reality.

Even leftist New York Times referred to situation where illegal immigrants "flooded [the] border." Time to stem the tide, Congress.

Haven't heard updates on the new Lookouts stadium. That makes me nervous. There was lots of attention, now crickets.

Guess the County Commission is siding with the county attorney and against the mayor to cover themselves because they've approved his actions all these years.

Does the county mayor own a suit? What about a razor? Time to grow up.

A whopping $57.7 million for fixing up UTC's Fletcher Hall? They just spent millions on the place. Aren't there better opportunities on the campus?

Thanks, Ben Benton, for the Apison Pike update. Seeing those high T-beam supports, I thought we were getting a new interstate highway.

Father of the Year: Catcher Jose Trevino of the New York Yankees, who wore his uniform and all his equipment to career day at his son's school.

If you have any extra cash, or old towels or blankets, please consider giving them to the Humane Society, McKamey or other animal shelters. All could use the help. God bless.

Merry Christmas to all the families out there who take the time to put up lights and decorations. It is so fun to drive around and admire your creativity.