It’s that time of year again...and more letters to the editors

It's that time of year again ...

Well, here we go again; it's that time of year.

The traffic, the pressure, the thinking the shopping is done, when it never is. It's that time of year when the deadline of the holidays catches us and draws us into the material ways of the world now. It's sad to me that we live in this era now where Christmas and even gifts in general have to be for some reason huge.

What's the derivative of the word, Christmas? It's Christ, but to some it's not. Guess what else Christmas used to be about? Christmas used to also mean handwritten notes in a thing called cards; it meant going to see lights, reading "The Night Before Christmas" to our kids, drinking hot cider or cocoa by a bonfire with friends, listening to old records of carols, and sometimes seeing snow stick to yards.

I used to find a live Nativity scene somewhere in town, and people from all over would go and see live animals around this small manger. That seems so far removed from time now.

Like I said, it's that time of year. What will you do with the time?

Christine Diwan

Do not rationalize, but turn to Christ

So, the latest of these stupid, Saul Alinsky-inspired signs around town accuse evangelicals of having abortions. These community organizers need not be tolerated.

These Democrats clearly have animosity against God -- and, therefore, against Christians as well.

Life begins at conception. Perversion is not "love." Gender roles do exist. Our border should be respected. I could go on and on.

We need to quit tolerating the left, and my message to the left is: Quit living a life of deception and lies; quit living in denial and trying to desperately rationalize yourselves and your despicable agenda. Turn to Christ because he is the only means of salvation.

Ronald Millsaps

What really is Biden's plan?

Does the president have a plan for our Southern border? He says he does, but nobody seems to know what it is. Many people think that he does not have a plan.

I believe that he has a plan, and it is in operation every day in plain sight. There is no need for him to check to see if his plan is working. His plan is chronicled on the news, though nobody identifies it as his plan.

If what was happening wasn't what he wanted, he would do something about it and the mainstream media would rush to his aid.

So, the question is, "Why?" It is simple! The situation on the Southern border is designed to create chaos on many levels, with the ultimate goal of the government declaring marshal law. I hope I'm wrong.

Douglas Davis


EPB deserves a shout-out!

Well done, and thank you to the dedicated EPB crews who restored power so quickly after the Dec. 22 "Arctic invasion." We hardly had time for the house to become even slightly uncomfortable before the power was restored in less than four hours.

These workers braved near zero temperatures and high winds to get the job done and literally save lives while risking their own in extreme and dangerous conditions. Often, people only offer complaints about situations, so for a change I'd like to give pats on the back and a very grateful thank you to all at EPB.

Tony Scott

Signal Mountain