The Rant

Biden's "plan": Cavalierly throw taxpayer money at all of the problems he has created either directly or indirectly.

"Dark money" from big business and the rich put Republicans in power everywhere, but then donors realized too many are dangerously destructive culture warriors.

I always make Christmas charitable contributions, but this year because of the Biden economy, I feel like Lucy in the chocolate factory with so many requests.

This just in: Classified documents found in a McDonald's near Mar-a-Lago.

Better watch your p's and q's when traveling. This administration's rescue priority is wokeness, race and gender. Most of you don't qualify.

Federal officials and employees trying to make Der Fooler Trump and his toadies follow the law were just the kind of "deep state" we needed.

Even with more JFK files being released, Lee Harvey Oswald is still the one who shot and killed JFK.

If Trump traded Viktor Bout for Paul Whelan in 2018 and the liberals got mad, so what? He still would have gotten an American home.

A hunter recently shot and killed a 33-year-old sandhill crane (bird was banded). So, how does someone cook a crane?

One reason for the supply chain issue could be that the outgoing governor of Arizona is using empty shipping containers to build a border wall.

The Senate should not have done away with the COVID vaccine mandate because a COVID outbreak could affect the readiness levels of military units.

Surprised but glad TFP printed recent story on Stacey Abrams' campaign errors. She fits in the we-told-you-so category.

I am voting in the Twitter poll: Elon Musk, you must and should step down as the CEO of Twitter.

Ron Hart is who I look forward to reading each week. Humor is the only way to handle this administration. He said, "Biden could throw his own surprise party." LOL.

Heads up, people. Cops aren't responding to many traffic accidents, and towing fees just skyrocketed. Ouch.

Who picks up the tab for legal fees and settlements for the Wamps' tantrums? Hamilton County residents and businesses. Recall elections, anyone?

Wonder if elected city officials and administrators will heed the warning shot TFP just fired over doing the public's business in public?

Would someone explain why UTC's new University High targets only "historically underserved students"? Shouldn't a public university be more open?

$85M, $95M, $100M ... The taxpayers shall forever be "indebted" to Mayors Coppinger and Kelly and their minions for this unending gift to the wealthy Lookouts owners.

Now that CPD has stopped responding to traffic accidents, perhaps the chief will have her officers begin enforcing the laws that cause accidents -- like running red lights, distracted driving, and aggressive driving.

Mayor Wamp: How about a VW for your county car? What has Chevrolet done for Hamilton County? $1,100 monthly lease. Taxpayer money? Yes.

If former Budgetel stayers with criminal records have paid their debt to society, why shouldn't they get help like other stayers?

County Commission, stop flapping your jaws about nonsense. Be the leaders we elected you to be, and address the desperate homeless situation in our town.

As my wise mother used to say, "There's room in this big, old world for all of us."

Thank you Jason Drive in East Ridge for your beautiful display of Christmas Lights. Merry Christmas to you all.

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