The Rant

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New Year's Resolution: I will not vote for a politician known to have lied even if he or she is the most qualified candidate.

The difference between McCain and Trump is that McCain (Vietnam) fought for our country and Trump (Jan. 6 insurrection) fought against our country.

Give any of the Proud Boys convicted for participating in the insurrection the choice of going to prison or fighting for Ukraine.

Turns out, people don't like public disorder, crime, sanctuary cities, illegals, drugs and wokeness. They are leaving that for red states -- not buying Dem rhetoric.

Gov. Greg Abbott should be charged with "child endangerment" for having migrants (children included) dropped off in D.C. at night in 18-degree weather.

Kari Lake, failed Republican governor candidate in Arizona, could apply to be Trump's running mate in 2024 because they both believe 2020 election was stolen.

Send MREs or Meals Ready to Eat to Ukraine.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Biden vacationed while America was overrun. Both will be reviled forever in history.

Voter poll says 65% think schools are "fair" or "poor." Poll could've used "mediocre" as a choice, but 35% apparently can't spell it.

Remember the Ukrainian and Russian soldiers fighting a war in the cold as we celebrate the holidays in our warm homes.

Liberal media think if they don't report it, then it's not happening: unvaccinated survivors, illegals increasing, drug deaths, Hunter laptop. False media. Research facts.

Sen. Josh Hawley, the Ukrainians have accounted for the money we have given them -- count the Russian soldiers killed and wounded and equipment destroyed.

Conservatism no longer means following history and logic. Now you can believe the Founders intended a country run by Christians with Christian beliefs as law.

Thank you, 71% of Chattanoogans, for renewing my faith in kindness. Unlike Coty Wamp, you believe everyone deserves a place to live.

How do you determine who is at fault in an accident if the police aren't required to come to the scene?

Now that CHI Memorial has the green light to build on Battlefield Parkway, how about finally again accepting Georgia BlueCross/BlueShield (regular and federal policies).

Have they "electrified" the perimeter fence at the Silverdale Detention Center because metal tubing has been added in the middle of the fence?

I bet the TVA board chairman didn't have his power cut off on Christmas Eve.

A 15-minute rolling blackout is a small price to pay to keep the power grid up and running. Thank you, TVA.

Waste of taxpayer money on pedestrian crosswalk on Bailey Avenue for churchgoers. Rarely used. Instead they dart across wherever. Dangerous traffic issue.

My return policy: If you return the gift I give you, then I won't get you another gift.

You have to be 21 years of age to buy CBD edibles; therefore, does that mean the edibles have THC in them?

Instead of term limits, we need age limits for politicians because we need younger candidates. JFK was 43 when he became president.

America, I wonder if we're preparing our young people to independently survive occasional simple disappointment without somehow whining about it.