The Rant

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Ketchup. Trump threw ketchup and the big election lie against the wall. Only the ketchup stuck. Never underestimate the power of a condiment.

People from all over the U.S. are visiting/moving to Chattanooga. So, yes, we need a bigger, better and nicer airport to lure more businesses/employers here.

Biden's touting of his economic policies reminds me of the folktale "The Emperor's New Clothes."

For 50 years, they demanded their constitutional right to murder in the womb God's creation of life, and the court agreed.

Trump Republicans lump Democrats together as "socialist agitators" but don't mind stacking the Supreme Court with far-righters.

Whats next, Clarence? Loving v. Virginia?

Based on how Trump ran his business and the government, there is only one thing wrong with his name. It should have been Don Corleone.

Why not have open season on coyotes? The ones who bring illegal immigrants in to the U.S.