The Rant

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The Supreme Court is not interested in your opinion. The members are not elected. They interpret the Constitution. Get a grip. States rights is where it happens. Vote.

Ladies, please! If you do not want a pregnancy, there are measures to take to not get pregnant. Try those options, not abortion.

How are men going to be held accountable for unintended pregnancies? No talk about that at all. Paternity=financial responsibility.

Raphael, do you think that Georgians want their tax dollars to pay for student loans? Not our responsibility.

How can a Georgia DA pledge to not prosecute abortion crimes? They don't get to pick which laws to enforce. Fire them. It's time.

Do we want to let every Tom, Dick and Harry into our country willy-nilly? Secure the border.

If you want to rid the country of the MAGA crowd, vote blue for the next three election cycles.