Opinion: Smart money, expanding opportunity in Vegas, couple of obit observations

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Earlier this week was the 53rd anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. It was a pretty big deal, I'm told.

Well, Armstrong was the highest-paid of the Apollo 11 crew and made a smidge more than $30,000 in 1969.

For an absurd comparison, University of Georgia football coach Kirby Smart just agreed to an extension worth $112.5 million over the next 10 years.

Smart will make $10 million in 2022, and if Georgia plays 15 games, and each game averages around 150 plays per, that means Smart will make $4,444.44 per snap.

So it would take roughly seven snaps of the football this season for Smart to match Armstrong's 1969 salary.

Speaking of big-time jobs

OK, expand your mind - and your waistband. Remember those old tests in high school that tried to identify what career your skill sets were designed for? Of course, we had to do away with those because the mom of little Johnny who still ate glue as a sophomore was ticked that "NASA engineer" was not the result of his career aptitude quiz.

And to be fair, my career test ranged from "watching grass grow" to "historic underachiever," so there's that.

But this job listing fits everyone from astronaut to zoologist: Time2play is hiring a Las Vegas buffet tester.

Yes, you read that right. Some of the perks potential candidates will receive are:

- Airline voucher up to $500.

- Four nights in a Vegas casino hotel.

- Dinner for two at four Las Vegas buffets, including such famed sites as the Wynn, Bacchanal, Wicked Spoon and Bellagio.

- A grand in spending cash and another $500 upon completion of the buffet reviews.

And because the Time2play folks think of everything, they will throw in a pair of Lululemon sweatpants so whoever finishes the gourmet gauntlet can have a little extra breathing room.

Obit observations

We frequently harken to days gone by.

That certainly centers on the way we view family in marriage.

In Sunday's Chattanooga Times Free Press, no fewer than three of the recently deceased listed were partners in marriages that lasted right at seven decades or more.

Lester Barnette, 96, was hitched to Willie Mae for 73 years. John Maynard, 90, and Lou Almon were married for 69 years. And Barbara Mahoney, 93, and Bruce would have been together 74 years in September.

Wow, that's being true to their vows.

Obit observation, II

The gifts we share with others are a grand part of the lasting legacy after we're gone.

In that regard, the beauty Laurel Steele shared with her community through the Signal Mountain Nursery is immeasurable.

Steele died earlier this month, leaving her love of nature as a lasting legacy for thousands of people.

From the obit, "Laurel, a vibrant naturalist who saw the gifts of God through rainstorms, flowers, frogs and insects, instilled her love of nature to all who surrounded her. Laurel possessed an unbelievable talent for accessing God's beauty through flowers and plants creating masterpieces for everyone to enjoy."


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