The Rant

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I had a history teacher in college who said Catholic priests practiced "muscular Christianity" - "believe or get beaten up"; ask indigenous Canadians.

How do you think Republicans came to control so many state legislatures? National (dark) money for culture war candidates; no moderates, please.

Who really needs guns more powerful than the M-16 that I had during Vietnam? Murderers, that's who.

Biden's monetary policies would bankrupt even Kings Midas and Croesus.

In conservative culture war campaigning, Trump is a good actor seeking to feed his ego and use the presidency to generate more business income.

If all of us are equal under the law, I want to be equal to Hunter Biden, James Biden and Paul Pelosi.

We gave the airline industry $40 billion to stay staffed during the pandemic. Instead, they encouraged retirement, ruining schedules today.