The Rant

Hey GOP lawmakers and MAGAs, how about MASA - Make America Safe Again? Are you listening, Trump, Cruz, Abbott? No more AR-15s.

Pray for the parents, police, EMS, hospitals and funeral home staff who had to see and deal with that awful scene in Uvalde, Texas.

There is no one solution to our mass shooter/gun violence plague. We have to do many things at once, some bigger than others. Get used to it.

Can you imagine the maladroit malapropisms if Biden lost the use of his teleprompter when giving a speech?

My U.S. representative says something mind-boggling stupid every single day. What a nightmare! MTG is an idiot.

Our country is more dangerous and more expensive under Joe, and he goes on a comedy show. How prime. He always does the wrong thing.

Republicans, with a majority you must close borders, enforce laws, add police, free up oil production, cut entitlements, fix health care.