The Rant

Never in history has there ever been a bigger collection of incompetent nincompoops than the entire Biden administration- top to bottom.

If Trump is brought to justice for sending his mob of traitors to attack America, will he plead insanity?

Biden swung so far left that maybe this country will self-correct from extremes and get something right for a change. Vote with your brain.

Joe Biden has lower approval ratings than Trump. I know some of you won't believe the facts, truth or numbers.

Republican officials on television have an R in parentheses after their names for identification. It's short for rifle, the industry that owns them.

Obama beget Trump, who beget Biden. Let's start on a fresh track of new moderates, both sides. Stop the madness, the extreme swings. We can.

Stopping a bloody nose by tying a tourniquet around the neck is stupid, but it resembles Biden administration policies.