The Rant

I wish my neighbors who fire their guns in the air realized those bullets have to come down. Like the one that came through my roof.

What's with most of the big name liberals in Washington being devout pro choice? Amazingly, they are allegedly devout Catholic as well.

Strange that nobody says anything, yawn, about, eh, dozens of people murdered in Chicago. Ho hum. Where is BLM when we really need them?

Build Back Better became Biden Bucks Bust. Too many handouts gives less labor, gives fewer products, causes prices to rise. You did it again, Joe.

If there is indeed justice in the cosmos, Donald Trump's self-idolatry will be the cause of his demise.

Southern border "handling" should be an impeachable offense.

If, as Trump said, only guilty people plead the Fifth, why are so many of Trump's associates taking the Fifth, some of them over 100 times?

Why beg other countries to produce more oil? Why not be our own supplier? Complete the pipeline, resume offshore drilling. Gas prices will go down as a result.

When a man so devoid of moral character loses a fair election, then stages a coup to cling to power, "justice for all" becomes meaningless.

Children in cages. See Obama. Russia, Russia, Russia. See Hillary. Stolen election. See Hillary and Stacey. Rising everything. See Joe. Scapegoat. See Putin.

Inflation can be controlled. See Trump. Border can be closed. See Trump. Crime lowered. See Trump. International respect. See Trump. Minority poverty down. See Trump.

President Trump, you are not telling the truth if you call the Jan. 6 insurrection a simple protest that got out of hand.

Had Republican senators voted to impeach Trump, people would not have been hurt and died. There would not have been an insurrection.

Russia, Russia, Russia. COVID, COVID, COVID. Putin, Putin, Putin. Joe's excuse litany. What's next? Republicans, Republicans, Republicans? We can only hope and pray.

If former President "Pants on Fire" of Mar-a-Lago gets indicted, he could plead insanity. At least he would finally quit lying.

America today: Andy is out of town and Barney is in charge.

Rep. Fleischmann, how come we never see you? You never meet with us. Don't assume you have it in the bag.

You don't need new gun laws with liberal D.A.s. They just ignore them. Enforce what we have. Just do it. For guns and the border.

Everyone freaks out when a shark is spotted near shore. Fact is, that's just the one we saw. They're always there. They live there.

If the climate is going to continue to create relentless, brutally hot summers like this, sadly I don't see having a garden anymore.

Wake up, America. Kick yourself in the behind. We are going to wake up to woke soon. And we will not be in Kansas anymore.

Maybe ranter complaining about Veterans Bridge flags should start collecting money. Buy flags, let city install them. Do enough people care? If not, stop complaining.

How telling that "conservatives" have daily Bible verses on their side of the paper. Typical hypocritical move.

No consequences. Therefore, no laws, no guidelines, no evil. No expectations. No bad, no worries. No decency, no self-respect. When no God, no consequences.

When will we learn that we cannot worship our government, to think it must do everything to save us? We are in for a huge letdown.

Justice Clarence Thomas voted to block release of Trump's records because he didn't want anyone to read his wife's text messages. Demand his resignation.