GOP, denounce mocking of Pelosi and more letters to the editors

GOP, denounce mocking of Pelosi

The attack on Speaker Pelosi's husband in their own home has horrified decent people from all parts of the political spectrum. Unfortunately, some Republicans apparently do not feel that horror, but instead see it as an opportunity to spur on their base.

Kari Lake, the GOP nominee for governor of Arizona, made a joke about it in front of a crowd of laughing supporters. Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia, and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas saw fit to pander to conspiracy theories about the attack in speeches and in Twitter posts. And of course Donald Trump had to weigh in with his usual snide commentary casting doubt on what happened to Mr. Pelosi.

I certainly hope that none of these Republican politicians and their supporters will ever know the pain of having a family member ruthlessly injured nor endure the pain of hearing their political opponents joking about their family's sufferings.

I know that there are decent, honorable members of the Grand Old Party appalled by these reactions. I call upon those good people to denounce that leadership and work to replace it. They will be doing their party, and the nation, a great service.

David Cofield

LaFayette, Ga.

Elect Gormans; help Tennessee

For all the reasons that Tennessee has for banning Bible in the Schools (illegality, warmongering, misogyny, just to name a few), the most obvious is the least discussed: the detriment theocracies place on the ability of students to think competitively in a world of science.

Check your history. When countries become more hardline toward one way of thinking instead of open to discussion and testing of theories, the education is necessarily incomplete.

Oh you argue, Bible in the Schools does not advocate for a Christian theocracy. Think again: 100 years of a dangerous precedent. No wonder Tennessee ranks near the bottom in health, education and other well-being indicators instead of allowing the intelligence and natural ability of its citizens to flourish.

Electing Meg and Allison Gorman is a small step toward a remedy.

SueCarol Elvin

GOP 'silence' reveals character

It was widely reported on social media that Donald Trump, his sons and others were making jokes and spreading false rumors about the attack on Paul Pelosi.

This must be the most cold-hearted, disgusting display of complete callousness in the history of the Republican Party.

There is nothing funny about home invasion and attempted murder.

Why are our representatives in the House and Senate silent about this flagrant outrage? The ancient maxim is "Silence implies consent." Do our representatives truly support Trump and his ilk appropriating this hideous act as part of their political theater?

When will the Republican Party come to understand that if Trump can incite his followers to attack political enemies, that can include anyone? Even those who Trump calls RINOS, the ones he declares need to be removed.

Katheryn A. Thompson