The Rant

In a rush to control Congress, Republicans nominated several bad candidates. What happens if these candidates get elected and can't be controlled once in office?

Who believes Joe when he says the border is under control, crime is lessening, inflation is good? Spinning it doesn't make it so. Been shopping lately?

Like in the movie "Groundhog Day," Trump is stuck on Nov. 3, 2020, because whenever he wakes up he has still lost.

Civility is polite, reasonable and respectful behavior toward others; however, this does not describe any of our leaders or politicians.

Providing housing for the homeless does not change their personal choices for drugs and alcohol, especially if mentally ill. Bring back mental institutions.

America is facing one of the greatest dangers it has ever faced -- Elon Musk owning Twitter, because hate will be on the loose.

You can discharge credit card debt in bankruptcy. Why not a student loan? Because banks lobbied against it. Congress went along.

Socialism: The belief of others that you should give what you've earned to those who haven't.

Face the facts, Democrats. Democrats from the top on down have created a crisis at the Southern border that none of them have a clue about how to solve.

Elon Musk and Kanye West deserve each other. Musk should stick to rockets, Ye to sneakers.

Herschel Walker said he graduated at the top of his college class. Not true. He must have made an "A" in Lying 101 at Trump University.

Objectively writing, Russia is warmongering and corrupt, but Ukraine has always been very corrupt. Just ask Joe and Hunter.

Sad state of affairs in the USA when we vote against somebody rather than for somebody.

Any revelations on what BLM did with all the white guilt donations besides buy mega mansions? Thought not. Crow being served.

The real reason student loans exist is because states no longer financially support higher education adequately.

Seriously? Armed people watching polling places? Come on, America, we are better than this.

Can you go a day or two or three -- a week -- without social media? Without cable "infotainment"? Give it a try. Find some peace.

Chuck, win or lose, your dishonor will remain.

My daily email is likely to decrease by a third to a half after Election Day from candidates I never supported or had interest in. Can't get here soon enough.

Hooray for Rhonda Thurman. She's the only school board member concerned about the taxpayer. All the other board members are the ones who should resign.

CHI Memorial won't give you care without insisting you give up your Social Security number. Then they were hacked. So, where does that leave us?

Two governments (city and county) bumbling around on projects and personnel. Not a good look for either.

Today a store cashier could not make change from $15 to $12.36. He was under the age of 21. And this happens every day.

Why did photos have to go viral of the destruction of a train car at the Chattanooga Choo Choo before the hotel announced it was renovating?

Is Mayor Wamp trying to replace Rheubin Taylor as county attorney in order to pay back a political debt?

You may treasure your one and only grocer, Signal Mountain, but as a capitalist, I want competition and affordability. Bring on another grocery store.

Sad to say that I am beginning to resemble the pictures I see of the people in the obituaries (my age 73).