The Rant

Don't count on the mid-terms to solve our problems. Neither party will do anything if they are in power.

Wow, wouldn't it be something if our elected representatives could figure out how to SHARE power? Seems like that is what the country wants.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Don't judge a man by the color of his skin but the content of his character." If we all believed this, racism would cease to exist.

Donald Trump says our enemies would be afraid if he had the nuclear codes. So would I.

Not a good showing for Trump in the mid-terms. GOP, please rethink your slavish devotion to a man who cannot deliver.

I question whether Biden's student debt relief proclamation can without congressional approval pass constitutional muster.

The cruelty of Don Jr. and others about Pelosi attack is disgusting and shows lack of common decency. Apples don't fall far from the tree.

Gas backwards. Joe gets it wrong again with releasing oil reserves. Will cost a fortune to replenish at high rates. Fossil fuel is a must. C'mon.

Like Ronald Reagan said, "The government is not the answer to the problem. It is the problem." Why can't 50% of Americans understand that we are not a socialist country?

MASA means Make America Stupid Always. Maybe the Dem motto? The stupidity will continue until it hurts, and then increase. Come on, man.

I can't believe Republicans voting for someone like Herschel Walker. He isn't qualified or decent enough to hold a position in Congress. Where are people's morals?

Trump, DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Greene: Come out of "the hate closet" and condemn all antisemitic views.

All of the great civilizations of the past that collapsed from within had one thing in common -- political violence became commonplace.

What does Putin have on the Republicans who want to abandon Ukraine?

Amendment 1 in a nutshell: You trust big business to always have employees' best interests at heart.

The job of Hamilton County attorney should either be a full-time job for full-time pay or a part-time job for part-time pay. $180k is not part-time pay.

Can't wait to hear about the school district's review of the Bible course. Wonder if literacy and math will get their attention too?

Would the Chamber of Commerce, city and county please reveal who is buying or renting all of the new housing going up around here? Where do these people work?

Probating an estate for $1,000? No wonder Mayor Coppinger rewarded Rheubin Taylor with a four-year contract even though he was retiring in a few months. A nice payoff.

County Commissioners, now you have a taste of civil service wherein an employee cannot be fired regardless how undesirable he/she may be.

Why should a county employee be able to do private work while being paid a full-time salary?

Clay Bennett's transcendental fixation on DeSantis seemingly indicates a possible "cluster A" personality disorder, i.e., paranoia. Stay in your lane; plenty of fretfulness in Tennessee.

Shame on you for looking down on the homeless. They could've been you. Show some humanity.

Can we at least knock down the buildings at the foundry site? There's no more room for graffiti and all the windows are broken.

Georgia (27-13) exposed Tennessee as not really being a #1 team.

Don't be ashamed of tears. They are just "eye sweat."

"It's much harder to be a liberal than a conservative. Why? Because it's easier to give someone the finger than a helping hand." -- Mike Royko

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