The Rant

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Republicans say they lost in the midterms because their voters didn't show up. They did show up; they just voted for democracy.

Really, Joe, there are 54 states? And this guy holds the nuclear codes and is talking about Armageddon? Scary.

I can't wait to see DeSanctimonious square off against Trumpty Dumpty. This could make the "Thrilla in Manila" look like a pillow fight.

While the Republicans are tearing one another apart, the Dems are laughing. They shouldn't be. They have big problems too.

Two reasons for no red wave: Trump and abortion. Unless you want Biden for four more years, GOP, get your head out!

A slim Republican House majority isn't what we were hoping for, but rumor has it the stock market likes divided government.

It's time for both parties to retire the old white guys and welcome the next generation. It's time.

Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger are the true Republican conservatives. Trump and his lap dogs like Marjorie Taylor Green are the real RINOs.

Republicans should have made huge gains in this election but didn't thanks to Trump. People are sick of him. Cowardly Republicans brought it on themselves.

Tom Brady said that he doesn't regret coming back to play football; however, losing your marriage should be something to regret

Have most voters ever said they think the country is on the right track?

One Lee Highway homeless hotel conversion is worrisome; three really close to each other is downright alarming.

Does the East Ridge Budgetel Inn closure have lessons we should learn in determining whether to put supportive housing in the former Airport Inn?

Hamilton County Schools are awash in money. When in God's name are we going to see real results? Too many excuses.

Does Republican state Rep. Esther Helton exist? Has anyone actually seen her? I'm in her district and have never seen her.

An evil, terrible destructive evil is permeating America via TikTok.

Is Chattanooga going to have blue police lights and cameras at every intersection? Are the cameras producing results? Lots of shootings going on. No arrests.

Sixty to 100 apartments slated for a tiny slab of land on Shallowford Road? City council members, please go out and look at this property and vote down the proposal

Hey county commissioners, sorry your buddy didn't win. Stop persecuting our mayor while he's trying to run our county with accountability. I'm embarrassed for you.

County school board: How are you addressing teacher concerns about safety and burnout? Seems like that should be Priority One.

Looked at your 401k statements lately? Heartburn.

County commissioners -- grow up. This standoff with Mayor Wamp is idiotic. Ya'll agree to pay the dude out and move on. Time's a wastin'.

If Northwest Georgia can indict 17 gang members, why can't Chattanooga? Are we waiting for them to kill each other off instead? Appears so.

Thanks, lawmakers, for protecting us from drag shows. When there's time for frivolous legislating, please protect us from stray bullets, carjackings, identity theft, etc.

With today's Leslie Jordan tribute scheduled for Memorial Auditorium today, let us all appreciate his gift for making us laugh.

No matter on what side of the political aisle you live, please set aside time to be thankful for all you have this week. Better yet, make it a weekly habit.