Dupont redevelopment moves harsh and more letters to the editors

Dupont redevelopment moves harsh

The Dupont redevelopment project is a needed and anticipated step forward for the Hixson community. We welcome the jobs and opportunity it offers. My question is, was it really necessary to destroy a walking path with years-old trees and a park-like setting? 

The immense and totally unused parking lot alone seems sufficient to accommodate a large project. If the destruction of open space and nature is progress, some of us in Hixson respectively decline such efforts. Who wants to work or look at another sprawling asphalt and brick office complex? Could not this project have been done in a more nature friendly manner? 

Be aware of what you have, Chattanooga; once it's gone, paved and built, it is extremely difficult to get back. Makes me wonder what the developers have in mind for the new baseball stadium area?

Mike Wolford


Social contract shredding perilous

I want to compliment the writer of last Sunday's letter, "The real threat to democracy." I have written pretty much in this same vein before, but this writer has stated it much better. His recognition of "... what may be the most significant and deleterious impact, and that is how this action shreds the social contract, that unwritten compact which binds us together" is very important and far-reaching.

Are any contracts safe after this precedent has been set?

Doris Rausch

Tullahoma, Tenn.

Biblical standards can set us straight

Recent polls indicate over 70% of Americans believe our nation is heading in the wrong direction. I suspect respondents may be thinking of inflation, crime, extreme political positions on both sides, illegal immigration, and many other social and cultural issues.

I believe all these issues are symptoms of a deeper problem. In years past, we were a nation of people who, at least generally, believed in right and wrong as taught in the Bible. We believed such standards had survived the tests of time and were trustworthy guides on which to build our lives.

No longer is this true. We reject such standards in favor of our own sense of right and wrong. We reject God as being uncaring, cruel and not interested in us. We turn our backs on organized religion because of the very public failures of a few. We look to government to provide solutions, but no government can provide answers to problems rooted in the hearts and souls of sinful humans.

It is up to us as individuals to believe God is real and loving, that the Bible is true, and that the more we live by biblical standards, the more our nation can head in the right direction.

Dennis Urbaniak

Signal Mountain

Parkridge ER boon for Soddy-Daisy

As the mayor of Soddy-Daisy, I have the distinct honor of serving our city and advocating for the best interests of the community. I express my full support for Parkridge Health System's plans to develop a freestanding emergency room in the Soddy-Daisy community. I am a strong advocate for bringing more health care services to the area for residents.

The Soddy-Daisy, Sale Creek and surrounding communities have no local access to hospital ER services. Parkridge Health's ER project would greatly enhance emergency medical access to this growing part of Hamilton County. The proposed location offers convenient access for those who typically travel outside the proposed service area for emergency medical care.

Rick Nunley


Rebuild our soil; support farm bill

I am urging my neighbors and legislators to support regenerative agriculture in the 2023 farm bill. Regenerate America is a coalition of farmers, ranchers, nonprofits, companies and citizens spanning the nation and political spectrum and committed to rebuilding America's soil by making regenerative agriculture the centerpiece of the farm bill.

Regenerative agriculture is a proven way to heal our soil, strengthen our economy and protect us against climate threats. It's not new; it's a tried and true method of farming and managing our land that is profitable and ecologically sound.

Farmers who have transitioned to using it no longer depend on government subsidies (one of the largest parts of current farm bill funding), pesticides and expensive fertilizers.

Healthy soil is the foundation of resilience. Heavily degraded and rapidly eroding soils cause flooding, drought, fires, extreme temperatures and habitat losses. Regenerative agriculture not only rebuilds soil but replenishes fresh water sources, increases biodiversity and filters carbon from the air, rewarding us with fresh oxygen.

But we can't do it alone. It's time for the federal government to help farmers adopt regenerative agriculture in the 2023 farm bill. To find out more, go to

Elizabeth MacDuffee

Signal Mountain

Wamp should govern with new outlook

Dear Mayor Wamp, I write in support of you. You ran a campaign and won with the promise of injecting a new and youthful way of running Hamilton County. As the current ruckus plays out over drag queen family shows, I merely ask this: Where is the new and youthful? The drag "movement," as you know, has been evolving for decades, and has accelerated into more mainstream venues in the recent decade.

Mr. Mayor: Whether you personally or politically are in favor of or disagree with the overall, larger issues surrounding gender equality and gender security, please respect those who fight these battles day in and day out. Be a mayor who brings nuance and respect into your office. You promised a new outlook -- please govern this way. Please try to represent all of Hamilton County, and not just the political base of choice.

Richard Zachary

LGBT community: Please self-regulate

I have a question for the LGBT parents. I know that just because of your lifestyle, you still would not allow your children to see or participate in age inappropriate activities. I am certain you would not allow them to drink alcohol, smoke, handle weapons, take drugs, or view R-rated and X-rated movies, etc. Right? So, can we agree that exposing children to performing drag queens is age inappropriate and that the LGBT community needs to self-regulate to stop this from continuing to occur? The outcry from the right is not about your lifestyle. It's the lack of judgment in parenting by those taking their children to these shows.

Catherine M. White