The Rant

We need a peace meal. Pass the SALT: strategic arms limitation treaty. Let's TALK: tactical arms limitation treaty.

When we have lost our democracy, will we finally realize that quality, morality and brains of candidates are more important than party? Vote smart!

All this green energy effort pushes business to China. For batteries, for solar panels, for chemicals. Do you not see this misguided attempt's sources?

DACA proved illegal. Student loan forgiveness will be. Presidents cannot make laws nor forgive federal debt. Dem presidents use their pens like kings. Eventually reversed.

Do we not see that our politics has become all about power, not policy that might be good for the people? It's choosing the lesser of two evils.

The queen always put the country first; it was never about her. Our presidents should follow her example. We've lost that noble leading.

Betty White, the queen and now Angela Lansbury. We have lost a number of classy ladies this year.

What would happen if the U.S. recruited for the Army from prisons and jails (there is a shortage of recruits ) like Russia is doing?

There are just a couple of thousand people in federal prison for marijuana possession only. Most have multiple offenses and won't be released. Sounds big. Not.

Ben Franklin said "pardoning the bad is injuring the good." Democrats, heed up!

Checked your 401k lately? Don't.

Rumor has it the state is having a governor's race this fall. I've seen two Lee signs and none for Martin. Are races all online now?

Mainstreaming mentally ill is not working. Check stats. Every street has one: pacing, ranting, defecating. Jails are full of them. Time to house them appropriately.

Recent headlines on TFP front page: "Diabetes unstoppable in modern society" and "More fast food restaurants opening." Can anyone connect the dots?

I am offended by re-offenders who continue to offend us with their illegal offenses and suffer no consequences. Get them off our streets now.

Homelessness up 250%? From what to what? Seems to me that we are spending a ton of money on a tiny number of people. Humane? Sure. Smart?

We are paying more for food at restaurants, service is lagging and hours are irregular. Ugh.

It'll be interesting to see how transportation to/from the homeless hotel/apartment complex is handled. Will it be on the taxpayers' dime?

All those parents concerned about books in schools can check out the lists online now. So get to it, or were your threats made just to make threats?

Congratulations to our former mayor on his new federal job, but I'm having trouble putting the words "Andy Berke" and "rural" anything together.

Has the county mayor's staff ever had so many employees? Didn't the mayor say he was the most conservative candidate in the race? Hmm!

Hope the stadium proponents stick to the requirements the state comptroller issued last week before giving a final determination on the TIF.

It must be tough to settle on the right six-figure government gig, eh Brent?

Will the Gorman mother/daughter profiled positively in the TFP together get the percentage of the vote of either Fleischmann or Martin?

Chattanooga ranks near the bottom on a WalletHub list of the country's safest cities. Chief Murphy, I don't think this problem is getting better. Do you?

Ditch the negativity in most of these Rants and go out and enjoy the fall colors beginning to pop out. We live in a beautiful part of the country.

"Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged ..." If the shoe fits, people ...