Abortion and climate change and more letters to the editors

Abortion and climate change

I am wondering how many of the people we see on TV demonstrating to legalize abortion would do the murder themselves. They want someone else to do the murder so they won't feel guilty, If they agree with this kind of murder, they are an accessory to the crime.

On climate change, the great flood in Noah's day and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were not caused by global warming; they were caused by sin.

God will destroy the earth, not man. Read Revelation. It will be a lot worse then global warming.

Burton Gaston

Rossville, Ga.

Track's demise like loss of friend

Someone forgot to notify us about a death. Maybe it is not a typical obituary. But for the citizens of Hixson, it was the death of a dear friend.

I recently drove to the track at the old Dupont plant in Hixson. I have lived in Hixson since 1992 and have enjoyed many evenings walking and enjoying the sunsets there.

Unfortunately, this relationship came to an untimely end. When I pulled up recently, I did not see the familiar, beautiful, decades-old trees and the welcoming gravel track. Instead, I saw bulldozers and the remains of a beautiful greenspace destroyed by "progress."

I had noticed some changes in the past year. A "For Sale" sign on the property. A locked gate on the access road. But nothing prepared me for this.

Perhaps, I am being silly. After all, this is a walking track. But it was a big part of my life, as for many of my friends and neighbors. Would it have been too much to at least have been notified of our old friend's demise?

Goodbye, old friend. You will be so missed. Thank you for the memories.

Cheryl Flerl

Honor Sachsman’s memory with symposium name

UTC Professor David B. Sachsman, who died Oct. 4, was a monumental figure in two fields of research: journalism history and environmental journalism. I knew him in the former role, as the founder and manager for three decades of the Symposium on the 19th-Century Press, the Civil War and Free Expression, which has been housed at UTC since its inception.

Dr. Sachsman ran perhaps the best small research conference in the world. He assembled a strong cast of researchers, who have a wide range of journalistic and media interests, never charged a registration fee, provided all meals, got all attendees good rates at hotels like the Read House, and then turned our work into books about the history of the 19th-century press, with an emphasis on Civil War journalism.

It is my hope that his conference will permanently stay at UTC and bear his name, as in: The David B. Sachsman Symposium on the 19th-Century Press, the Civil War, and Free Expression. What greater way to honor and remember him and his many contributions.

Dr. David W. Bulla

Augusta, Ga.

Walker is similar to our DesJarlais

Once again, cartoonist Clay Bennett hit the nail on the head with his Oct. 5 cartoon regarding Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hershel Walker opposing abortion ... except when it's for his girlfriends. I hate to ask, but was he also married at the time(s)?

That sounds just like Tennessee's congressional representative, Republican Scott DesJarlais, who opposed/opposes abortion unless it's for his girlfriend(s). And I seem to remember that was while he was married, so he's a hypocrite and an adulterer? Wow, that's impressive!

I don't get it! In my experience, Republicans are big on telling you what great Christians they are. They want to be "like Jesus." And when they are caught lying, they are quick to admit "I'm not perfect," which, again in my experience, seems to be their catch-all excuse. I'm also confused by wanting to be "like Jesus" but owning guns and not wanting to take care of the poor, or even the children. Last time I read the Bible/went to church, there was no mention of Jesus having a cache of guns or walking away from people in need.

So confusing to us regular people trying to be responsible.

Jane Elmore

Georgians, don't dance with devil

As a Baptist pastor for the past 50-plus years, I have observed that death does not catch us when our house is clean. And for most Christians, being ready for death is an important matter. We learn to take each day seriously and to work diligently and to prepare for that coming day. We walk in faith, but we also walk circumspectly by the teachings of God.

Through these past few days, it appears that good Christian people in Georgia are trying to zigzag their way on a path that is to be straight and narrow. We have gotten caught up in a political dilemma that requires some theological pretzel twisting. It is not about how we might vote but how we speak.

Christians are to have integrity to walk as they talk. It is not so much about someone else's sin but our own. Are we going to speak as Christ speaks or speak as others speak. It does matter that our lives are ready for that Great Day. Hopefully, we will not allow political exploits to dirty our home.

Maybe we should not dance with the devil but walk as Christ would walk.

Bruce Sloan

Ringgold, Ga.

Vote out D.C.'s inept cabal

We can all see what a mess our country is in thanks to all of the political levers in Washington, D.C., in the hands of progressive Democrats. Joe Biden and his incompetent administration have made one bad decision after another. We now have sky high inflation, increasing crime, lack of a Southern border, a weakened military, a fentanyl crisis that is killing our youth, and an inane energy policy that has squandered a major strategic strength, that of energy independence.

If things weren't bad enough, we may be facing the threat of nuclear conflict with the Russians. Joe himself just used the word "Armageddon" in a recent speech.

We voters will have the opportunity to take some of the power away from this cabal in Washington in November. I would urge all voters, especially those in Georgia, to vote for Republicans in both House and Senate races to provide some measure of resistance on the Biden administration and remove Pelosi and Schumer from their leadership positions.

James Nelson


Ranters: Check facts, opinions

In the spirit of public discourse, I challenge with two questions, respectively, two of the Oct. 2 Rants. 1) Gas indeed in California (think state taxes) was more than $4 a gallon in 2008 (under "W's" administration). But there as of Oct. 2, 2022, under Biden's administration, gas was $5.29 a gallon. When and under whose administration was gas last more than $4 a gallon in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama? 2) How can we cohesively unite America by "voting solid Democrat," the leader of which party is failing (literally and figuratively) and bumbling (both in word and deed and whose popular approval rating has been steadily dwindling)?

Claude Spears

Young Harris, Ga.