The Rant

Impeach Clarence Thomas.

Herschel Walker could pay for an abortion on any Main Street in Georgia and not lose a single Republican vote.

It appears that if you can't put a sentence together, you are a candidate for public office. Even high offices. Tragic. Pay attention, people.

"No one of any party should be voting for people who are election deniers." -- Liz Cheney (and me)

Why subpoena Trump? He'll only plead the Fifth. Which only the guilty do. His own words.

We should not allow a man who has abused his family to be rewarded with a Senate seat. Vote, don't settle, Georgia women.

Why should I pay my bills a year in advance to get a 5% discount when Biden's annual inflation is 8%-plus?

To improve public safety, I will gladly pay more taxes if the money is exclusively used for more jails and prison, not to rehabilitate repeat criminals.

The best exit from the federal morass (though the deeply vested and invested will never let it happen): a constitutional amendment limiting congressional terms.

Republican national anthem: "I'm not a crook, I didn't do it; not guilty; not my fault; I alone can save you. You must vote for me."

Can we please get 2022 over with so we can sort out who we are as a country and prepare for 2024?

President Trump, if you had used the money you used on the border wall on U.S. airports, they wouldn't be "dirty and messy."

It never ceases to amaze me. Pious Republicans talk a good story but don't care one whit about the character and morals of their leaders.

Christian nationalists, a term contradicting itself. Using his name like this is sacrilege, blasphemy. Like taking God's name in vain.

Hey, oil companies, the government is watching in case you try to ream us with your price hikes under the guise of inflation.

Joe doesn't remember that he forgave student loans, despite saying Congress passed it by a vote or two. Won't happen, no matter what he disremembers.

Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie ... we'd like to see you in the Fleisch, mann. What have you been doing for the past 11 years?

My representative is an idiot. She actually visited a Union monument to celebrate Confederate soldiers, vowing to honor history.

Rheubin Taylor, isn't four decades enough? Go home. You've been fired. It's time for new blood. Thank you, Mayor Wamp.

Local politics has now shown us what it looks like when a chihuahua has its teeth firmly lodged in a Mack truck's bumper.

No wonder the homeless population has a huge increase. We offer more services and freebies than surrounding counties and states. We're a magnet. Not good.

If you want to control your child's curriculum, home school. Don't try to change what everyone learns to suit yourself.

Rhonda, stay the course. You're the only one with common sense. We got your back.

Hey, Mayor. When are you going to start paving our roads? Remember your campaign pledges?

County mayor and commissioners need to get on the same page. Meet in the middle. This first six weeks is ridiculous.

Perhaps if guns were not passed out like candy at Halloween (calling it Second Amendment rights), there would not be so much crime.

Ugh and double ugh: the front-page story on churches! How about something that would be more meaningful and important to the future of our community?

If people knew what good churches do in the world (and here in Chattanooga), their pews would be filled and collection plate full every Sunday.