The Rant

Founding Fathers: "In God we trust." DOJ and FBI: "Just trust us."

If not for Donald Trump, we would not know the American people were deceived about the socialist "Deep State" in our government for years.

If you need paid leave, preschool for all, $35 insulin, elder care assistance, $15-an-hour wage, remember those who have opposed that. Vote!

Integrity now gone in America, hence the Jan. 6 committee. Gone for good.

The top 5% are responsible for about $500 billion in unpaid federal taxes. That's why those who aren't tax cheats have to pay more.

If Biden wants to erase student debt, he should pay for it by legalizing cannabis.

Forgiving student loan debt is unfair to taxpayers and those students who paid their debts and is also bad economics, but may buy votes for Joe.

So you paid off your student loan. Congratulations. Doesn't mean we can't help others. School ought to be free, anyway, like in other countries.

I'm not a Joe Biden fan, but I would certainly vote for him if he "forgave" my car loan. I, too, can be bought.

Colleges should be using their endowments to make "risky" student loans. They won't lose any more money than they are on "alternative" investments.

To solve the student loan problem, make future debt dischargeable in bankruptcy. The private lenders would lend to the most qualified borrowers. Government spared cost, involvement.

Transitory: A word in the Democratic Party which translates into how to take an economy hitting on all cylinders and transitioning it into a recession.

Since I'm not a tax cheat, I welcome more IRS agents. How do Republicans benefit from fighting this? Think hard.

To dear Joe and all of your fellow Democrat swampers: You're fired. America just can't afford you anymore, especially since government doesn't generate one red cent.

Trump and his "magpies" are now a criminal organization threatening violence against witnesses. Redactions protect real people from real violence.

MAGA cult members are defending Trump's long list of crimes. What would they say if Obama's, Hillary's or Biden's names were in those headlines?

Why doesn't Trump just pardon himself right now for having top secret documents at home because he believes he didn't really lose the election?

Mr. Trump, don't run, back DeSantis, and become "show runner" for a DeSantis administration (show runner sets the storyline).

What is a semi-fascist? I'm a deplorable, and I don't know. And this from so called "unifier" president. Joke's on us. Vote him out.

I'm guessing everyone forgot over the summer that school zones have a beginning and an end. It is not just where the guard is standing.

Bicyclists, stop riding two, three and four abreast on two-lane roads. You're supposed to share the road, not block it.

About one-half of horrible Graysville Road was resurfaced several months ago. Was told it would all be resurfaced. What is the status?

Vote "yes" on Amendment 3 in November and officially do away with slavery in Tennessee.

Apparently, incoming DA Coty Wamp's desire to change the office has scared off one assistant, but he'll be glad to come back if they'll make him a judge.

What will Chattanooga city government -- flinging money left and right -- do when all the federal money runs out? Put everything in the budget? Yikes!

Would love to see other Chattanooga City Council members have the courage Ken Smith had in calling out council candidate Marie Mott? Council members?