The Rant

Founding Fathers: "In God we trust." DOJ and FBI: "Just trust us."

If not for Donald Trump, we would not know the American people were deceived about the socialist "Deep State" in our government for years.

If you need paid leave, preschool for all, $35 insulin, elder care assistance, $15-an-hour wage, remember those who have opposed that. Vote!

Integrity now gone in America, hence the Jan. 6 committee. Gone for good.

The top 5% are responsible for about $500 billion in unpaid federal taxes. That's why those who aren't tax cheats have to pay more.

If Biden wants to erase student debt, he should pay for it by legalizing cannabis.

Forgiving student loan debt is unfair to taxpayers and those students who paid their debts and is also bad economics, but may buy votes for Joe.

So you paid off your student loan.