Robin Rudd a true visual artist and more letters to the editors

Robin Rudd a true visual artist

We continue to be amazed by and appreciative of the photographic artistry of TFP photographer Robin Rudd.

While we were skeptical of the conversion of the TFP from paper to iPad, we are pleased to discover that we are able see even more of Rudd's nature and scenic images online.

A recent image of a hummingbird reminds us that their summer sojourn is coming to an end and that soon they will begin their arduous journey south over the Gulf of Mexico. We hope that we have been welcoming hosts and that they will return next year and that we will continue to have the pleasure of the products of Rudd's lens.

Dick Gossett

Provisions hurting ex-federal workers

I am a retired federal law enforcement officer (CSRS-LE) writing to raise awareness of the devastating effects of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) experienced by nearly 2 million people.