The Rant

If you think the FBI is always infallible and trustworthy, just ask Richard Jewell.

Mikhail Gorbachev, say hello to Ronald Reagan in heaven as you both helped to end the "Cold War."

Republican candidates don't debate, not because they feel they have nothing to lose; it's that they have no policies, nothing to say.

How can any of us who have not actually read the "affidavit" say for sure what should and should not be redacted?

How are Californians going to drive their required electric vehicles when their state's rolling electrical blackouts continue to increase?

Biden: To "Make America Great Again" is "extreme." Quoting RBG, "I dissent." Under Biden: Outrageous grocery and gas bills, crime, education and border failures.

Mar-a-Lago: Either Biden, as president, knew or should have known. Simple as that.

Fleischmann votes against every bill that would benefit us, but he will easily win re-election because he worships Trump.