The Rant

If you think the FBI is always infallible and trustworthy, just ask Richard Jewell.

Mikhail Gorbachev, say hello to Ronald Reagan in heaven as you both helped to end the "Cold War."

Republican candidates don't debate, not because they feel they have nothing to lose; it's that they have no policies, nothing to say.

How can any of us who have not actually read the "affidavit" say for sure what should and should not be redacted?

How are Californians going to drive their required electric vehicles when their state's rolling electrical blackouts continue to increase?

Biden: To "Make America Great Again" is "extreme." Quoting RBG, "I dissent." Under Biden: Outrageous grocery and gas bills, crime, education and border failures.

Mar-a-Lago: Either Biden, as president, knew or should have known. Simple as that.

Fleischmann votes against every bill that would benefit us, but he will easily win re-election because he worships Trump. How far we've fallen.

Hey kids, here's $10,000! Go buy something inflationary. And remember to express your gratitude when you vote.

I served at Balad (FOB Anaconda), Iraq, from 2006 to 2007, where there was a 10-acre burn pit (three stories high). Thank you, Jon Stewart.

Local and national media's push: Republican wave slipping away. However, the reality could be somewhat different. Tune in.

The sheer audacity that conservative Mike Ramirez would draw a cartoon addressing climate change after years of satirizing experts as quacks is beyond ironic.

Hamilton Flourishing shutting down? Where did the money go? Bet the donors want some back.

Thanks, Hamilton Flourishing, for your big pushes on literacy and voter education. You will be missed.

Kudos to the TFP for last Sunday's school test score revelations. We have spent millions and millions for not much progress.

Why don't we just go ahead and make the county one big tax break district? Level the playing field for all. Catalyze that.

Democrats, you're on the wrong side of history if you sincerely believe Tennesseans will vote for forced union participation.

Ron Hart is funny. He talked of being broken into in Buckhead and said "as a kid, Mr. Rogers did not properly prepare me for living in Atlanta neighborhoods."

Marijuana crop hunting? Worth two law enforcement officers' lives? I think not. Go after real drugs, like fentanyl.

Who is responsible for the roads around Hamilton Place mall? When it is raining, motorists cannot see them. Please repair.

Pondering why if the Times Free Press doesn't cover our Chattanooga Lookouts, why they deserve a nearly $80 million new stadium.

Chattanooga gas prices may be lowest in the state, but they're still $1.32 higher than Labor Day two years ago. Thanks, Biden.

Thanks, Chief Murphy, for coming to our church last week. It means good PR for you and the police if you're doing this across the city.

Take a moment today to offer a prayer to those who worked so hard on 9/11/2001, and send love to families who lost loved ones.

The Chattanooga Public Library offers superb service. We love the Maker's Studio, patron's request and passport services. Such a friendly staff, too. Way to go!

Could the Rant column please be about Tennessee and Hamilton County? Otherwise, it's two columns of toxicity.