The endless torment of the ‘Recipe?’ guy

Picture him, scrolling Instagram. He slows down for a flash-lit image of pasta on someone's crowded, linen-draped dining table. For a sunlit reel of chickpeas and olive oil breaking down into a golden pulp. For a bubbling pot of oxtail.

He might not plan to cook these dishes -- in fact, he probably doesn't -- but each post makes his thumbs tingle. Instinctively, impulsively, he begins to type:




You could say that recipe guys represent a major area of growth for reply guys. And anyone can become a recipe guy: You just have to believe that every time you see an image of food, you're also owed a recipe, then insist on it.

Cooks and recipe developers who share their food on social media can ignore it, or at least try to, but the nagging chorus of "recipe?!" is present, and it's reshaping social content in real time.