Physician services cuts bad and more letters to the editors

Physician services cuts bad

I appreciate what a difficult job doctors have, especially in the age of COVID-19, economic uncertainty and rising inflation. But practicing medicine will be even more difficult if Medicare enacts its proposed cut of 4.2% to physician services. These cuts come on top of years of cumulative cuts, making it harder to provide care.

Now, when many patients who avoided regular health screenings due to COVID-19 are returning to getting care is the wrong time for cuts. With lower reimbursement for Medicare services, radiologists and other practices will be under pressure to cut back on the number of Medicare patients, limit services, or reduce investment in new, innovative technologies. Screening helps save lives, but if access is cut and diagnoses are delayed, more Americans will face unnecessary suffering.

Medicare must mitigate these cuts for doctors and work with Congress on policies that will ensure stability for physicians.

Suzie Boyle

Save millions; add to AT&T Field

I don't live in Hamilton County, but I go to the Lookouts' games. It's my understanding that Major League Baseball (MLB) wants a new stadium for the Lookouts to have a state-of-the-art training facility for the young, upcoming players MLB has invested in. Fair enough. Give the young players the best training and have future players for the Big Show. I may be wrong, but I really don't think MLB cares much about the hot dog stands, beer garden or the seating. As long as it is clean, modern and gives a pleasant fan experience, they are good with that. They want state-of-the-art training rooms, video rooms, batting cages and everything needed to develop new talent. So how about building such a facility next to the current stadium, modernize the spectator facilities and save millions.

Then take the Moccasin Bend eyesore and make something different ... convention center, concert venue, a place for semi pro/indoor football, basketball or hockey. A shopping center/indoor civic center could generate millions of tax income. Maybe a racetrack? Just an idea.

Bill Bastenbeck

Dayton, Tenn.

How can this happen in U.S.?

Barack Obama launched a "transformation" of America campaign, and Joe Biden has taken it up with a 10-fold intensity. We all get to witness with our own eyes what this transformation is all about. It involves destroying the economy with out-of-control inflation. It means getting rid of fossil fuels, which no country can accomplish or afford at this time, without bringing on national suicide! It involves massive spiking of crime in the inner cities. It involves throwing our Southern border wide open for the invasion of millions of law-breakers, spies, terrorists, drug-traffickers, gang members, human smugglers and "un-vaccinated" peoples, etc. It involves turning the national discussion to unending race charges and the crazy gender concoctions.

And now it involves turning our country into a "police state" in which those Americans who don't agree with Biden's policies and his vision for America might have their homes raided by armed agents of the state. Or short of this happening, they are being verbally attacked by our president and called "enemies," "semi-fascists" or the "greatest threat to our democracy," just because they don't agree with him or his destructive policies. How can this be happening in America?

J. Johns

Ringgold, Ga.

Give more to feed, not political causes

When we read the Sept. 13 TFP article called "Food Insecurity Effort Seeks Causes And Solutions," we could not help being reminded of Jesus's second greatest commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

In this time of political tribalism, we couldn't keep from thinking of the obscene amount of money that people spend to influence their tribe's agenda. Think about how many people could be fed and raised out of poverty if this money was spent on our neighbors, as Jesus commanded. It is sad that the South calls itself the bastion of Christianity but fails to follow his commandment.

We personally task ourselves to give more than 60 times more to charities that feed and care for those in need than to political causes. Think what a better country we would be if everyone made that pledge.

Jim and Pat Garrett

Trion, Ga.

Worried about Trump supporters

I am very nervous with the mid-term and 2024 presidential elections approaching. Donald Trump has done nothing to calm down the nerves of his "base." His support of QAnon's "The storm is coming" idea should scare everybody.

I am afraid Trump's base will engage in activities that will force the police to withdraw their protection of polling places. I pray that this doesn't happen.

Joel Blake

Get us on same pages as Europe

In light of Lindsey Graham's proposal to ban abortions nationwide after 15 weeks, some things need to be addressed. Many conservatives say such a proposal would put the U.S. on the same playing field as most European countries, and, for once, I agree with them. However, until these same conservatives are willing to put the U.S. on the same level as European countries on health care, gun violence, education and the strength of the social safety net, they can politely keep their mouths shut.

Brian Lake

Rossville, Ga.

FBI actions worse than we imagined

Just when I thought the Mar-A-Lago raid by the FBI was the height of political chicanery, the latest news is even worse than I could have imagined. Everyone with a brain knows that the Steele dossier bought and paid for by the 2016 Hillary campaign was a backdoor attempt to overturn that election. Now, it has been revealed that the FBI itself originated the "Russia hoax" by its clandestine work with a Russian agent! The FBI is now the U.S. version of the KGB and acts as Biden's Brownshirts!

Former President Trump had the "goods" on the FBI. Hence, the raid on Trump's Florida estate.

For the sake of our democracy, the Department of Justice needs to be independent of the Oval Office, and the politicos inside it must be ferreted out and criminally prosecuted.

Ronald Williams