The Rant

What do some 18-wheeler truck drivers not understand about "No Trucks This Lane" going up the Ridge Cut three abreast? Where are the cops?

Ron Hart said about queens's funeral: "I can't join a 10-mile, slow procession of sad and miserable UK mourners, so I did the next best thing. I drove up the Ridge Cut in Chattanooga."

Mayor Wamp vetoed the $50,000 dais chair and won praise. What does that say about the County Commission that voted to spend that much taxpayer money on a single seat?

Why is there no reporting on the near daily shootings in Chattanooga? One weekend, shots fired every 12 hours or so. What is happening here?

How long does someone have to live in Tennessee before they are required to register their cars here? Enforcement, please!

Did the CPD release the body cam video of Marie Mott's traffic stop in order for her to lose the election? (I am no fan of Marie Mott.)

Please involve the county CFO since the city CFO can't even pay city employees correctly.

Tennessee state legislators, would you please help our teachers with their book scanning? As you know, they're on a tight schedule, and you owe them.

We recycle \9% of plastics. Hardly a success. Smart, green companies should use materials [from] available inexpensive technology that degrades plastics in landfills.

Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey was arrested for biting a man's nose; therefore, he is not meatless any more as humans are considered meat.

Why does the party of love, peace and happiness hate everyone who doesn't agree with them? Just can't understand the liberal mind.

The Donald probably needs those missing classified documents to supplement his picture book and political love letters in his future presidential library.

According to the British, Trump would be referred to as being "stroppy," because he is bad tempered and argumentative.

Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth II calling half her country "communists"? No Republican will ever have her class.

Government secret perhaps still buried at Mar-A-Lago is Trump doctor's early diagnosis of his raging dementia.

Trump should go back to Puerto Rico. They are running out of paper towels.

Invasive species, like kudzu, is the so-called "lunatic fringe" always present on political margins but now apparently Trump's solid base of support.

Clean up, aisle one. POTUS spoke again freely. Whole different stance on COVID, inflation, Taiwan. Scary, really. Really scary. And so pitifully weak and confused.

Snowflakes gotta stop squealing about DeSantis and Abbott shipping refugees north. Previously, fascists shipped unwanted humanity to concentration and death camps and enslaved them in war factories. Gotta appreciate progress.

Way to go, President Biden. Thanks for saying the U.S. would defend Taiwan if it were attacked by China. They helped in Vietnam.

Ken Starr: After persecuting Bill Clinton, he was "hoisted by his own petard" at Baylor University.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are proof we need to require at least an IQ of 50 to be in Congress.

So our ex-vice president says his opinion is better than women on their bodies. Force his religious views on others.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to "defund" the Department of Education for brainwashing children; however, she is safe from that because she has no brain.

As a new resident, I love this newspaper! Especially the huge Sunday issue; hours of relaxing reading. Thank you!