Please don't ignore 'gateway' God created and more letters to the editors

Please don't ignore 'gateway' God created

I can only assume that Jim Irwin with New City Properties normally drives to Chattanooga from Atlanta or he would know that as you pass beautiful Lookout Mountain from the west, the gorgeous Tennessee River with Moccasin Bend and Stringers Ridge in the background is now and always has been the spectacular gateway to Chattanooga.

A friend told me that the skyline of Chattanooga is Lookout, Raccoon, Elder and Signal mountains on one side and complemented by Missionary Ridge on the other side.

The best Mr. Irwin can do is build something that complements the gateway that God has already created.

George Patten


Republican Party exerts 'absolute power'

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." -- Lord Acton, 1887

Fast forward to April 6, 2023: the Tennessee Legislature has a majority of Republicans (power), but more than that, has a super-majority (absolute power). The Republicans voted to expel two duly elected Black legislators who exercised their right and duty to speak out against the gun violence that took the lives of six innocents at The Covenant School in Nashville. Their real sin was to speak out again the idolatry of the assault rifle.

Let's not forget the third member of the so-called Tennessee Three, a woman, was spared. Of course, she was white, but no surprise.

Robert Tanner III


Voters must reject racism in 'decorum'

The killing of Emmett Till in 1955 broke the back of Southern Jim Crow laws and led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

The expulsion of two of the "Tennessee Three" on April 6 exposed the racism of "decorum" in Southern legislatures and will hopefully lead to the end of gerrymandering.

Stephany Butler


Republican Party holds onto absurd gun stance

With absolute disgust, I watched Republican state Rep. William Lamberth address a group of children protesting the availability of lethal weapons frequently used in mass shootings. Exhibiting an unmatched level of insensitivity, sociopathy and irrationality, Lamberth rhetorically asked the group which gun they would prefer to be shot with.

Via his brutish rhetoric, he means to imply that since any gun (or weapon of any type) may be used to kill people, then all weapons are equal in their capacity to kill people. This is an absurd argument. There is no doubt that virtually anything may be used as a weapon that can kill people. There is also no doubt that some weapons are specifically designed for maximum efficiency in killing people.

The protesters want you, Mr. Lamberth, to address restrictions of the most likely and lethal weapon systems used in mass shootings, i.e., "rational gun laws." Outlawing assault-style weapons certainly will not end all gun violence. Reducing gun violence overall will require a multi-faceted approach.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lamberth has other agendas and is uninterested in having a rational discussion about reducing mass shooting success stories.

Robert Landry