The Rant

Nothing beats fair weather legislation. Thank goodness political expediency finally intersected with common sense necessary to protect children and families from mentally deranged mass murderers.

Decades ago when I saw "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Auditorium, there were demonstrators. This past Saturday? No demonstrators! Performance was great.

Keep looking! I believe that in addition to COVID-19, it will be found that AR-15 rifles, tornadoes, stink bugs and armadillos were developed in the Wuhan, China, laboratory.

Tennessee Republicans once again prove they don't want to govern. They just want to rule.

Greatest movie of all time, Peter Sellers' "Dr. Strangelove," had the "doomsday machine." That was fiction. We have the Tennessee legislative majority. Stranger than fiction.

If you don't have a uterus, you need to sit and shut up.

Applying for life insurance? Coverage questions soon include: "Do you sit in classroom, shop at mall, work in office?" All high risk for being shot!

The risk of death from Viagra is nearly 10 times that of the abortion pill. So when will we ban Viagra for safety? Answer: never.

Kid Rock is shooting Bud Light cans because he can't sing anymore

Let's use some of those really smart people in Chattanooga and not a company in a foreign country to redesign the city's website.

We need the school traffic control people to be trained on how to direct traffic without backing traffic up a blasted mile. See Red Bank Elementary and CSAS. Please help.

Excuse me while I laugh all the way to the next governor election. Cameron Sexton just killed his chances at running for governor. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Lookouts had to have a no-hitter pitched against them to finally get a mention in TFP.

New Tennessee state motto: "Tennessee, come for the gun violence, stay for the racism."

Interesting how Republicans want parents to have more control over their kids' education but the state to have control over their health care.

Slim Pickens' quote encapsulates legislature's claim the "process worked": "I've been to world's fair, picnic and a rodeo, and that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard ..."

Hazlewood (Signal Mountain), Helton (East Ridge), Howell and Raper (Cleveland), Martin (Hixson), Travis (Dayton) and Vital (Harrison) -- nothing about your children or grandkids. They apparently prefer guns. Vote them out.

Couldn't that million dollars for a new website for Chattanooga been better spent on a shelter for the homeless?

There used to be no gun laws, many gun owners and no school shootings. It's not the guns' fault. It's family structure failures.

I'm tired of living in a city with daily shootings, people running red lights and anything in sight getting stolen. Where are the police, Mr. Mayor?

Congrats, Republican legislators. You say the "Tennessee 3" lacked decorum. Now the entire country knows what you lack: a real respect for democracy.

Sen. Gardenhire quoted on delaying gun legislation: "When ducks quack, feed them." Are ducks slaughtered children? Survivors? Grieving families? Teachers? Gun lobby? Please clarify.

Expel state representatives for inciting violence? MTG incites violence constantly. And she was allowed to call Biden a liar at the State of the Union speech.

My unprinted rant asked how did our state become the worst in our country for protecting children. On April 6, state legislators answered my question.