The Rant

They'd never allow a bar next to a Baptist church, but next to an Islamic Center, where worshipers come and go, it's OK. Shameful, disrespectful.

Largest teacher salary increase in state history was just passed by the legislature — or as teachers call it, "combat pay."

There is only one "Tennessee Three": Grant, Perkins and Holland — Johnny Cash's backup band. They never were dumb enough for public office.

I would rather hear chickens clucking than to put up with a dog in a pen barking all day and all night.

Shady's Corner Bar + beer + Islamic Center (on Central Avenue) is not a good combination. Think about it.

Don't be so stupid as to think that any gun control law will keep the bad guys from getting guns.

Gov. Lee, you're all hat and no cattle. You know good and well our horrible legislature won't give you gun control.

Republicans' only platform seems to be: Don't do as I do, do as I say.

Task forces are swell, if dealing with non-urgent problems. In a crisis situation, they create the perfect distraction to look busy while doing nothing.

Sandy Hook, 26 dead, Uvalde, 22 dead, Parkland, 17 dead, Covenant, 6 dead — and you say there is no need for reasonable gun control?

Real truth is the Russian propaganda TV station. Fox "News" is the American extreme right-wing propaganda TV station. Both tell lies and distort truth.

I don't think anyone thought Sabrena Smedley was a good ole boy, but she tried to be. She tried.

I got tricked into going to see the movie "Everything Everywhere All at Once." I thought it was a summary of Joe Biden's foibles and failures.

Wonder what classy Republicans like Howard Baker, John McCain, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would think about Lauren Boebert, MTG, Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy?

Nice to know the Trump Mafia is alive and well in Tennessee. Go Marcia, Bill and Chuck!

For those in favor of student loan bailouts, make it personal. Start a GoFundMe initiative and take government out of it.

It's silly for the left or right to be shocked and angered by the other's media pontifications. It's called calculated marketing by "preaching to the choir."

Democrats should thank North Georgia for MTG. She has shown everyone what the Republican Party has become.

Spin reality, blame Trump, print money we don't have, hold no one to account. Our new government at work. It ain't working, is it?

Trump continues demolition of Republican Party. Sanity in question, 1-1 election record, drools and dreams of 2024.

A lot of criticism about "thoughts and prayers." Mine are for a government of honesty, good will and common good, and no partisan politics.

You are free to speak but not free to hurt.

Advice to young woman contemplating having a rose tattooed on her breast: some day you might end up with a hanging basket.

Why is the right so upset about teaching Black and women's history? My traditional education was essentially white male history. There's so much more.

Illiterate people litter. Woke people do not. It's an environmental thing.

So happy that all the greenery in my garden has come back after that bomb blizzard. Nature is so amazing.