The Rant

Olympic class, yet obvious, head fake. Gov. Lee calls for reasonable gun legislation. Legislature pulls up tent stakes and leaves town. Perfect score for choreography.

Per last week's Rant: At least Cameron Sexton only shot himself in the foot and is still alive. He should be thankful.

Errbidy needs 'em a gunn.

Why not be strongly pro-responsible sex instead of pro-abortion? Unlimited abortion removes all accountability for random, reckless living. It supports irresponsible behavior. Why?

Chuck Fleischmann gives Zoom interviews fully dressed in his suit in his living room. Never out in public except to kiss some rear-ends in D.C.

When do we say it's mayhem, not peaceful protests, when rioters/protesters are killed and do major damage? Honestly, call it what it is.

Tragically ironic. Legislature's Hamilton County private school vouchers might make kids smarter, but are they going to be safer?

I'll bet Ward and June never imagined Wally and The Beav would get mowed down, blown apart sitting in class. My, how times have changed.

Free the beavers! They are just doing what comes naturally.

For the good of the GOP and the nation, the Republican Party in 2024 should form a CTNABT (Committee To Nominate Anybody But Trump).

Biden wants to give free health care to illegals. "They're American in every way except for the paper." Bingo, Joe. The paper is a 1040EZ.

Suggestion that state lawmakers' wearing NRA pins is violation of House rule 35 is misplaced. Pin is not considered advocacy tool, but rather religious artifact.

Mayor Kelly, you said you would rather keep our tax money in Chattanooga. Why then hire a Brazilian company to develop city website?

Why put the Tennessee Two back in office? Why do we reward bad behavior?

Somebody explain "woke" and "critical race theory" in 25 words or less that a 7-year-old and a 70-year-old can understand. Please. Can we find a female judge to say that Viagra is dangerous to men's health and should be outlawed?

My preteen daughter gets raped and impregnated, and YOU choose what happens next? I don't think so.

Why raise your children to be snowflakes? They will never succeed in life, be self sufficient, independent. Stop coddling.

I am a convicted felon. The day my probation ended, my voting rights were automatically restored by the State of Georgia. Thank you.

Is there some way Marjorie Taylor Greene can be expelled from Congress for giving support to Jack Teixeira, secrets leaker and traitor?

The opposite of "woke" is "asleep at the wheel."

How long does the current president get to blame the prior president for all his woes? Seriously, after two years, the excuse should be null.

Tennessee Reps. Jones and Pearson represent the best of this country. The white Republicans who expelled them are among the worst.

Recent ranters and letter writers are right: We are trashy, Tennessee. What will it take to clean us up?

Please ban AR-15 rifles. How much more heartache and loss do we have to endure for politics?

Congratulations, Tennessee legislators! You managed to look racist, backward, fascist and cruel to children all at the same time, and all Tennesseans by extension. Thanks!

"Guns don't kill people." No, GOP inaction kills people. Get gun violence under control now. (I am a gun owner!)