The Rant

TFP video of Ringgold, Ga., good ol' boy blocking school bus full of children because of alleged hand gesture resembled casting call for "Deliverance" sequel.

Use a bullhorn in a legislative session, get invited to White House. Get shot, killed, by transgender school shooter, crickets. Get it, Joe? I sure don't.

Poor Tucker. Didn't even have the chance to pack up his Nazi memorabilia.

If Biden and Trump actually become the 2024 nominees, we are most certainly in the depths of mass insanity. God help us.

Biden's desire to "finish the job" is more likely to finish us off as a nation. And that's no joke, Jack.

Trump says the U.S. is headed into oblivion unless he is re-elected. Fact is, his re-election would guarantee U.S. oblivion. Worst president ever.

Lobbyist speaking to local political group said he's viewed as "piano player in house of ill repute." Piano reference is confusing. Everyone's tone deaf lately.

Biden and Trump in 2024, so really no choice at all.

I voted for Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Bush. Sadly, today's Republicans are nothing more than far right Trump-worshipping conspiracy fanatics. Not the party of Reagan.

Gun owners could prove love of country by leading move to restrict AR-15s to just five rounds. High-cap magazines let weapons perform similar to machine guns.

Responsible gun owners? Chattanooga has the second-highest rate of guns stolen from cars in the country. The state also has no law requiring guns to be stored safely in cars or homes.

Ron Hart's piece on Bud Light was masterful. He's the reason I read the paper.

It took courage for Gov. Bill Lee to call for special legislative session on gun reform. Thank you.

Seriously. Have you ever seen so many incompetents in one place at one time: Biden, Harris, Buttigieg, Garland, Blinken, Yellen, Mayorkas, Granholm, etc.

Societal, cultural rot causes mass shootings. Guns don't kill people, obviously; they never have and never will.

When will we do with Empty (aka M.T.) Greene just what we do with other empties? Put her out with the trash.

Great move, Mayor Kelly, on the new rules for Station Street.

Glowing leadership review of legislative session spins like shiny, Buckingham Palace Rolls Royce. Ignoring guns and massacred children makes session a rusted car on cinder blocks.

What is the long-term plan for millions of illegals released in U.S.? They've no permits, court dates in five years and most don't show.

This presidential campaign, I want to vote for someone, not against someone, for a change, unlike last two elections.

Why would you want an "antivaxxer" like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be president ?

Defund Congress.

If Murdoch wants to continue paying big settlements like Dominion's, the Fox lies will continue. If not, he'll force changes at the network. We'll see.

An appropriate assessment of Biden's presidential performance would require language not appropriate for publication in this newspaper.

You have the right to remain silent, Donald, so please use it.

The greatest threat to America today isn't from Russia, China, bankers or the climate. It's from Donald Trump and his MAGAmaniacs he can call upon to do his bidding.

Female crash dummies from the party that cannot define a female? Is this a trick question, Pete? Or a ruse for more funds?

If your home's blown away by a tornado, don't vote for climate deniers. Losing health care? Don't vote for Medicaid deniers. Think.

"Day-o, day-o. Daylight come and we want to go home." RIP, Harry Belafonte. You are at home now in heaven.