Another noble use of TVA building? and more letters to the editors

Another noble use of TVA building?

Having once been a TVA employee, I often marveled at the design and construction of the TVA Office Complex and how it contributed to the fulfillment of TVA's noble mission.

While tearing the building down might be in and of itself sound economics within TVA (its mission: "Built for the People"), would it not be in the public interest to preserve it?

For the betterment of our city, let's exercise some imagination as to how it could be redesigned, funded for more constructive public/private use. In this era of cultural divide, perhaps this building can help us fulfill still another noble purpose.

John F. Eary

Ringgold, Ga.

Heard's bad action caused his death

I felt compelled to write this letter after reading the editorial by Times editorial page editor Lebron Hill about the death of Roger Heard Jr. I know he's coming from a liberal perspective, but reading his editorial would leave one thinking that we just lost a pillar of society, here in Chattanooga! Thank God the TFP had another editorial in the same paper extolling what I would imagine would be more reflective of 85%-90% of what the rest of us Chattanoogans think of the incident and the perpetrator.

I do agree with Mr. Hill on one area of his editorial and that centered on the idea of public safety. I go to that gas station frequently, and had I been there that night, I would have been very shaken by that incident happening in the parking lot.

But the facts are that Mr. Heard made some very poor decisions throughout his life, and his last one cost him his own life. His decision, to take a stolen gun (which as a felon, he was barred from owning) and to fire it at point blank range at a police officer and to injure him, and then not expect to be fired back at by the police, is just completely unrealistic! This is not a race issue or crime, because if it were, we would have already seen Benjamin Crump holding news conferences on the court steps here in Chattanooga with Mr. Heard's family around him.

Again, in the end Mr. Heard made an awful decision, and this is why he is no longer with us, period!

Kurt Piepenbrink

We need a test for our immune system

The relevance of vaccines has become quite the controversial topic, brewing political and health divides worldwide for years.

While none can dispute the importance and functionality of vaccines, why are their side effects disregarded? Yes, vaccines provide us with immunity from viruses, allowing our bodies to develop antigens when exposed to the weakened form of the disease, but like any other medication, they can cause life-threatening adverse reactions.

What happens if one's immune system isn't fully developed or functional?

This is the case for many children, adults and elderly people. Why should we push for something that is only good on a conditional basis? If the health of the greater population is really being considered, why not develop a test to assess the strength of one's immune system, then based on the results, determine whether or not someone is eligible for vaccination?

Tina Duncan

Ukraine war taking toll on America

My heart goes out to the Ukrainian country, but enough is enough. How many more of our own tax dollars are going to be sent to support their cause?

America recently went through a budget crunch. What about the American citizens?

We are not at war with Russia at this time, but Ukraine's war takes a toll on America.

While sending millions, perhaps billions, to Ukraine ... what about us? A large part of our population is struggling to survive.

Janet Hester