The Rant

If you are going to protest, show your face. Don't be chicken. And don't blame COVID. You weaken your stance by hiding in public.

It is not secret anymore once you walk into Victoria's Secret.

Seems like everybody always wants to blame somebody else or something else for the result. Sometimes it's not the marble, it's the shooter.

[Councilwoman] Jenny Hill and the City Council are sharing thoughts and prayers, in the form of orange barrels, as a solution to the obvious dangers of Frazier Avenue. We knew the solution in 2016. Fix it before someone else gets killed.

Converting four-lane roads to two lanes will re-create more congestion and result in more road rage, not less.

We don't restrict by age, by speed limit, by extra patrol in Chattanooga until someone gets killed. High price to pay for common sense measures.

Hamilton County Commission and mayor support the sheriff, who supports deputies, who have license plate readers in patrol cars and are finding and arresting criminals. Well done!

Mayor Wamp, did you warn the Urban League that it had to use the money or it would be pulled?

Seriously BCBST? Your only HSA-compatible Marketplace insurance plan has the least inclusive provider network (E) and none of my doctors. Do better please.

I am shocked and disappointed at the lack of pro football results in the Monday (Dec. 4) edition. It would be appropriate to have the same type of summary coverage that college football gets.

TVA says its power supply is not keeping up with growth. So why do they continue to shut down reliable coal-fired power plants?

All these colleges promoting DEI: Does that extend to athletics? Oh, guess there are exceptions, right?

College athletes should have to file a report which shows how they earn their NIL (name-image-likeness) money.

These preconceived notions that liberals do not work hard and only want handouts come out of the mouth of silly, uneducated individuals.

The open Southern border is an attempt to turn those states blue and thus have more electoral votes, which equals more power. You see it?

Anyone who believes a country with record low unemployment and the largest economy and strongest military in the world is destroyed should wake up.

[Gov. Bill] Lee wants taxpayers to fund private schools! In other words, educate the best and to hell with the rest!

Let's be honest. The Republicans didn't vote to expel Santos because of his criminal behavior but because he made them look bad.

Remember when you vote that congressional Reps. Burchett, DesJarlais, Fleischmann, Harshbarger, Kustoff and Ogles voted not to oust George Santos. Speaks volumes of their public morals.

Our president is also commander in chief. Scary thought. No wonder the world thinks our military stances are weak. Our leaders are. Go figure.

Like grapes, the Republicans are going to let Ukraine spoil and die on the vine. Send help.

Russia and the United States couldn't conquer the Taliban; thus, you can stop now, Israel, as you can't wipe out Hamas.

Wow, what a great idea, Joe. Leave out the cost of food, energy and rent, and presto you have the great Bidenomics and really low inflation numbers!

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