The Rant

The Hamilton County school board needs to become its own taxing authority. The split responsibility with the county commission has never worked and provides both with convenient cover when hot-topic issues get screwed up.

Wonder how Mayor Kelly feels about his hiree, school board member Karitsa Jones, questioning the Gateway technical school he supports?

Chuck, you're right. Americans have questions but not about Biden. We want to know when the GOP is going to do some actual work.

Does Beacon Center really believe McDonald Farm should come with no costs? City and county had to pony up to prepare Enterprise South and now look at it.

The Naughty Cat Cafe and now the Choo Choo are denied signs, but no enforcement on Frazier Avenue. Many shops with sandwich signs blocking the sidewalk and a 30-foot wide real estate sign gets a pass.

What will CARTA learn from free Fridays? That free rides will entice them to then pay for transportation they hadn't used up to now? Really?

Note to all agencies that receive county money: If you get the money, make sure you spend the money. And then show the results of that expenditure. Accountability.

TFP headlines: "Trumping our priorities" and 'Voucher doubts." Guess negative slants sell best.

Croft & Frost make the news again. Oh, for the love of money. How many more lawsuits can possibly be filed?

If a bona fide Democrat votes Republican because the candidate is better for the job, are the "voting police" going to arrest them for crossing over?

My feelings of sympathy for Israel after the Hamas massacre has turned into disgust with the indiscriminate slaughter of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

If the U.S is such a wonderful country, why is the postal service so lacking in "service"? Contact Fleischmann and tell him to do his job.

Two of Joe Biden's favorite slogans: "Everyone should pay their fair share" and "no one is above the law." Except for Hunter.

You don't need a medical degree to practice medicine in Texas; just get appointed as a judge, and you're instantly an abortion expert. Go Republicans.

Gag me with a spoon. If folks are stupid enough to pay $4,000 for a piece of DT's "really great" suit, well, stupidity wins.

Facts: Financing the federal debt this fiscal year will cost about $800 billion; late 2020s; more than $1 trillion. Highest mortgage rates in two decades. Bidenomics.

Trump said the stock market would crash if Biden was elected. It just hit a record high. Wrong again, Donnie.

We should question Biden's judgment and/or the people with whom he associates when he says Hunter "is the smartest guy I know."

Trump's a dictator. Trump's a dictator. Trump's a dictator. Trump's a dictator. Trump's a dictator. Trump's a dictator. Trump's a dictator. Believe it. Believe it.

Forget Hunter, folks. Daddy Joe is doing a bang-up job — have you seen his approval ratings lately? Voters are not buying what he's selling. Listen to them.

Donald Trump can't count. He will be a dictator on Day 1, and Day 1 will also be Day 1,461, four years plus one.

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