The Rant

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas this year is for the TurboTax and H&R Block tax preparation commercials to start even earlier than usual.

I mailed my insurance payment to Macon (three hours down I-75) nine days before the due date. USPS delivered it 10 days later. Good job.

Jim Thorpe lost his 1912 Olympic medals for playing semi-professional baseball. Now college athletes are going to be paid. Good for sports, bad for education.

Remember when athletes used to sign a college scholarship contract out of high school, then honor that contract for four years?

What is your duty in your marriage? Point out the faults of your partner? Point out the good? Or both — with love?

Cannot say enough good things about Memorial's fourth-floor nurses, techs and everybody working there. Professional, efficient and informative. Mom has been in great hands.

Just want to commend our county highway department crew for swift responses the last few months. Calls for help with a dead deer this past summer and again this fall with drainage ditches overflowing with leaves resulted in prompt action.

A gun owner's perspective: We learned to drive defensively. If we took the same approach to bearing arms, the Second Amendment would not be a controversy.

Lawmakers, can we not ban the gluttonous behavior of corporations that buy up large quantities of individual houses they have no intention of living in?

How many bites at the apple does the UAW get at unionizing VW? It appears that this is an annual occurrence. When is enough, enough?

Look at all the hypocrites running major universities. Believe what they say about themselves the first time, not their job-saving apologies.

Russia stealing Ukrainian land and killing Ukrainians is bad. Israel stealing Palestinian land and killing Palestinians is good. Sickening double standard.

If men got pregnant, I'd bet abortions would be available at the hardware store. For free.

Veterans' homeless campus: great idea. Locating at McDonald Farm: terrible idea. If developer doesn't understand multiple "no" county responses, he needs translator.

Lee's voucher plan isn't about public schools. It's about subsidizing private schools with your tax dollars. Publicly funded private schools. Are you OK with that?

To take money from public schools to give to private schools should require the people to vote. Not the whim of the GOP.

I don't respond to polls, and neither do a lot of people I know. So if the polls are of a small portion of the population, what do they really mean?

Question for Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty and 3rd District Rep. Chuck Fleischmann: Exactly what does a "secure" Southern border look like? I'll wait.

Does Texas ship out migrants to cities controlled by Republicans?

As a non-MAGA Republican and certainly unwilling to accept Biden (which is a vote for Kamala), for whom do real conservatives vote?

"And so this is Christmas. Let's hope it's a good one without any fear." Fear of losing our freedoms to the likes of Trump.

Of all of Biden's numbers, the most concerning one for Democrats is 81.

With antisemitism, Islamophobia, and Election 2024 taking place, Americans should "see something, say something."

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