The Rant

With the recent changes to Frazier Avenue, road rage is at an all-time high. Horn-blowing and finger-pointing are rampant. Motorists will stop using this road.

Banish motorized scooters. In the streets or on our sidewalks, they can inflict harm and cause damage far outweighing any possible benefits they might offer.

Arrogant Eviction 2.0 PR campaign: Take mental health obligations/challenges; go away (don't care where), so aristocrats can cater white wine spritzer receptions on the Bend.

RiverCity Company Northshore banner project? Northshore is outside of your downtown republic, but if that's the plan, then every banner should say "no jaywalking."

Rollerblading/ rollerskating is compatible with empty bike lanes. Not sidewalks. Selfish deployment of illegal sandwich boards already makes sidewalks a trip/fall obstacle course.

Noisy "save" Moccasin Bend purists pitting tourism against mental health care. Selfish. State legislators are using common sense, enabling park and hospital coexistence at current site.

It will be a beautiful thing to watch builders figure out a "choice lane" around Moccasin Bend. Want to bet on a dollar figure?

If private schools can provide a better education, then yes [to a recent Ranter]: Tax dollars should be directed to those schools. Simple economics.

Grace Baptist has no sanctuary, no school, but has a football team, thus "no shirts, no shoes, no problem."

The incident of inappropriate touching at Red Bank High School was handled appropriately by all involved, demonstrating the system can work.

If we want public schools to "compete" with private schools for students, fund them at the same per-pupil level as the privates. Hmm.

Folks, Gov. Bill Lee will be gone in two years, but that culture war-obsessed GOP legislature won't be unless we get organized, get registered and vote.

Trump appointed Postmaster DeJoy, whose goal was to degrade and then privatize the postal service. How's that working for you?

Democratic leadership: Please get your act together on immigration or this issue will cost us all. The border is untenable. Fix it.

Republicans: Unless you want to have your sons fighting the Russians, stop blocking aid to Ukraine!

Alexei Navalny, opposition leader in Russia, has disappeared from his prison. Perhaps he is yet another Russian to fall to his death from a 10th-floor apartment.

Jesus was Jewish. In his name we must honor, protect Jews from violence/discrimination. Jesus also preached love and acceptance. We must protect innocent Muslims. Stop the madness.

Having a little trouble reconciling antisemitism with DEI.

Remember when Rudy bussed all of the homeless out of NYC? Who's homeless now? Also, do RICO charges ring a bell?

Southern hospitality: Local Democrats recently welcomed Mr. Ego to Columbia, S.C., with truthful billboards that read "You Lost, You're Guilty."

The next election will not be about Biden versus Trump or Democrats versus Republicans. It will be about democracy versus dictatorship.

To Rant writers: Either figure out a way to say it in 25 words or make it a Letter to the Editor. Rant editors: cut them to 25 words.

Merry Christmas to the Rant and thank you for allowing our "voices" to be heard.

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