The Rant

The large planters on Fourth Street near the Creative Discovery Museum are appreciated. How about placing some on the forlorn Carter Street median strip by the Convention Center?

A petty rant in light of the world's problems: The correct nomenclature is in-line skating, not Rollerblading. Rollerblades are a brand.

Highway 27 South/Olgiati Bridge has become a speedway. Help!

The annual report from ArtsBuild this year is creative, informative and appealing, not like most other perfunctory (dull!) reports from nonprofit organizations. More like this, please!

Thank you, Chattanooga area veterans and patriots, for supporting this year's "Wreaths Across America/Chattanooga." Mission accomplished: wreaths on all gravesites at Chattanooga's National Cemetery.

If you have a free country, you will have to let some people be stupid.

2023 winner — splitting hairs on Fox News commercial: AARP, announcing "you can trust us on Social Security even if we don't agree on anything else."

I get up in the morning to ambulance chasers on TV and go to bed with them still on. Ridiculous!

Kids aren't like widgets you can corral into a bigger building (factory). Schools encourage citizen engagement, bring neighbors together.

Except for downtown shuttles and the Incline, CARTA should develop a voucher system for its riders so they can use Lyft, Uber and local cab companies. See the buses.

News of 5,000+ beer drinkers anticipated at New Year's festivities near Aquarium fails to evoke warm, fuzzy feelings. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, at least Signal Mountain was paving its roads, contrary to Chattanooga's efforts.

If your mayor wants to see a city that does an outstanding job of all public works — including street maintenance — tell him to take 30-minute drive to Dalton. The difference is day and night.

North Shore merchants should adopt logo capturing emotions experienced by battling pedestrians, drivers and cyclists: the middle finger, aka "the New York howdy." A banner idea.

I despise Marjorie Taylor Greene, but swatting her on Christmas is just wrong.

What does "affordable housing" mean to Mayor Kelly, Mayor Wamp and the homeless?

Why are we the only country with no borders? Check history. This will not turn out well. If fact, it is very destructive to democracy.

Psychopaths are far more concerned with their own power than preserving truth, democracy or even lives.

Does anyone still believe that the political and governmental system hasn't been weaponized?

Quoting Republicans: "Courts should not decide to remove Trump from ballot." Should SCOTUS just ignore the constitutional law even though this maniac is guilty?

Why should the president cancel your student loan? Will he cancel my mortgage? My credit card bills? My car loan? Think not. All legal contracts.

"The best way to get what you want in life is to work to achieve what you want." (a slightly modified quote from the late Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's adviser.)

Jack Smith's attempt to take Trump's immunity question to the SCOTUS is in direct response to Trump's perpetual stalling tactics. Not politics.

Are there any buildings left in Gaza for Israel to bomb?

For Trump to finish an all-caps, insult-fueled screed with "Merry Christmas" shows just how soulless he is.

Once again, Hunter Biden and Papa Biden have stuck their fingers in the American people's eyes. Like father, like son. Liars, liars, pants on fire.

Like a rat in the night, Trump entered White House via a doggie door. Electoral College destroys will of the people and one man-one vote belief

John Kerry said it's wrong to mention Joe Biden's age because that's "ageism." Well, John, it certainly is easier to say than "stupidism" or "incompetenceism."

So the MAGA cult and Fox News want their hero/habitual liar/name-calling bully in the White House again? Goodbye democracy.

Speaker Johnson, impeaching Biden is not going to help Israel against Hamas or solve the budget crisis.

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