The Rant

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Passenger rail service from Chattanooga to other cities? Ironic that the only thing generations of transportation experts have achieved in five decades is false starts.

Tell me why you can't feed your children three meals a day on food stamps? No fast foods, no prepared foods, no junk foods. It's possible.

Police beatings will stop only when police look at citizens and see US and not see THEM.

Those five [Memphis] cops ended Tyre Nichols' life and ruined their lives and their families' lives. How will they survive with no income, only lots of hatred?

Vaccine deniers couldn't be found anywhere around if there were a vaccine to protect yourself against this pandemic of deadly shootings.

Non-woke believe: facts over fiction, truth over spin, logic over emotion, equality for all, not equity. We live what we believe, not in a bubble.

Why are we unwilling to deal with senseless gun violence? Fact: Guns are not going away. Fact: We have a problem with angry young men. Solutions?

Can we agree, as a nation, no traffic stop should end in death unless the driver is armed or violent? Race of cops/suspect shouldn't matter!

Blue tops black (police vs. citizens).

They came down hard and fast on the Memphis cops accused of brutality. Why don't they do that when the cops are white?

Waiting to hear FBI is converging on Nashville area to search President Jackson's Hermitage for classified documents. Unlikely to be laptops or emails. Al Gore didn't invent internet until later.

I am done with the TFP. Tired of liberal cartoons and articles.

Pages F1, F2 and F4 of the Sunday TFP won't address this, but there is a chronic miasma (swamp stench) surrounding the Bidens: Joe and Hunter.

How many times do I need to tell the same website repeatedly that, no, I don't want it to remember my password?

If Congress were a TV show, it wouldn't be renewed for next year.

If the federal government is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum, Biden's part in that charade is irresponsibility wrapped in hypocrisy.

Classified documents box score: Republicans 2, Democrats 1.

Big box retail has parking for handicapped, first responders, curbside pickup, expectant mothers, veterans, employee of the month. Where do old fat men park?

Hate will continue to thrive in the Holy Land as long as Israel continues to occupy and attack Palestine. Free Palestine.

Why are local cops going to help Ukraine? Why not use our tax money to work on local crime and gang violence?

"Chicago" reprise: Joe Biden, backed by the DOJ/FBI chorus, portrays lawyer Billy Flynn: "Are you gonna believe your eyes or what I tell you?"

So sad that Gov. Bill Lee has politicized the state Department of Health.

Jim Jordan said "they will come for your guns, your gas stoves, your gas cars. What's next?" I say he should be the "what's next."

The firing and character assassination of Dr. Fiscus was disgraceful and unethical.

Newly elected Rep. George Santos, the habitual liar, is a perfect fit for the MAGA Republican Party.

Tom Brady says he is retiring for good. If true, he should have done it a year ago and saved his marriage.

Jay Leno ought to start walking. He got burned in a car fire and now his nose is broken in a motorcycle accident.

Why have a penal code if there's no penalty for committing a crime?

Biden said they will make Roe the law of our nation again. What about the sixth Commandment? Should God's law and our nation's law not be the same?