The Rant

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In England they drive on the left. In Chattanooga we drive on what's left.

Passenger rail dreamers: Don't be distracted by shiny things. Beware of friendly consultants. Keep focus and dollars local. Educate children in safe schools first.

Why must we spend millions more studying the idea of passenger train travel. Can't we just add a passenger car or two to existing trains, then add more if they fill up?

AMC Theater bonehead idea: Charge more for middle seats in struggling, empty theaters. Even better: Have Ticketmaster broker movie tickets and Southwest Airlines coordinate schedules.

Why can't we pave, not patch, the roads around Hamilton Place? That area brings in more tax money than housing areas and has more vehicles.

The only complaint that I have about Hamilton Place is that the other older walkers try to run over me as I walk. I am 73. Slow down.

We have about one shooting a day. How can crime rates be down? Doesn't seem like it. Don't go many places I used to.

Gov. Lee says, "Toll roads are not on the table," arguing that motorists will have a choice with "choice lanes." Sounds like California Gov. Newsom' s logic.

Why do the mainstream media never say anything good about the police and never anything bad about the scumbags they risk their lives to protect us from every day?

It's a lack of empathy, not a lack of training, that causes some police to act wrongly.

Good job, Tennessee Titans, for hiring Lori Locust as your first female assistant coach (a defensive line assistant).

Not a Biden fan, but when I saw MTG give a thumbs-down at the State of the Union, I thought no decorum, no class.

Hats off to the Tennessee legislature for reining in the Metro Nashville Council. Forty people is too big for anything, much less a city or county commission.

The CHATT Foundation takes people in from the cold at 7 p.m. They have to leave at 6 a.m. The coldest is mornings. Why at the coldest time?

Thank you, TFP, for including columnists with decency, humor and honesty. I suppose Ron Hart also has to be on your pages to provide balance.

All that Russia can offer to the rest of the human race during this tragic Middle East earthquake crisis is to continue bombing Ukraine.

Two things the world may never know: How many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop, and how many classified documents were found in Biden's possession.

Lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years. New House GOP majority vows to "turn the economy around!" No thanks!

Under Biden, it seems there are more open borders than open small businesses. Looking out for the little guy?

How will Biden be remembered in 50 years? Not as a strong president, but at least as a functioning adult, unlike the preadolescent who preceded him!

The Squad cries over losing a seat but never shed a tear over Afghanistan, illegal criminals or drugs. They only care about themselves, not the country.

Kevin McCarthy, removing Democrats from committees just means you won't know what they are planning or thinking -- not a smart move.

Where were our elected officials when brains were passed out? Not behind the door; evidently not even in the room.

Fly Eagles Fly! Good luck in the Super Bowl! From your South Jersey transplants in this beautiful valley. Please don't litter.

Urgent warning. Donald Trump, stay indoors. Do not wear all white clothing near ocean. You could be mistaken for Chinese surveillance balloon.