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Tennessee, don't allow 18-year-olds to carry guns around in public because guns and hormones don't mix.

No traffic patrol anymore. People run red lights. Getting worse. Who will stop this?

All you have to ask is how a 50-year-old politician and school teacher wife own at least two mega-mansions. Always wondered how.

Meth-crazed car thief running from and shooting at our local police officers was shot 12 times by police. That is effective gun control.

Referencing the State of the Union address, Sisyphus will surely "finish the job" before Biden will.

After all this time, Democratic socialists pushing Mr. Trump off the cliff will find they are the ones going over the cliff.

MarjieQ: Since you apparently advocate arming children with little assault rifles, maybe you shouldn't be calling someone else a warmonger. Ya think?

Men: Eliminate the need for abortions. Use condoms or get a vasectomy. Women: Cross your legs and keep them crossed if they won't.

If the Tennessee legislature bans minors at drag shows, does that mean that minors are prohibited from attending any Marjorie Taylor Greene events in Tennessee?

To stop illegal migrants, give tax breaks to companies which build factories in the countries where the migrants are coming from.

Republicans: Quit trying to steal my Social Security. Not an entitlement. Paid taxes for 40 years. If I'd put that money in an IRA, I'd be rich.

Hey Dayton, I drove through town on U.S. 27 and got stopped by every traffic light except one. You need to fix that light.

States that don't allow gender-affirming care would be guilty of child abuse.

News stories about churches (front page story of TFP, Feb. 12) should include temporal issues, but the prime message of Christian churches must be eternal salvation.

Our country is starting to revert to segregation because Republicans in Mississippi want a separate judicial system for white and black areas.

I dare anyone to defend Hamilton County School Board Rhonda Thurman for posting a tasteless, indefensible joke about rape on her Facebook page. She should resign.

Republicans slammed Biden for not shooting the balloon down sooner. If he had, they would slam him for endangering people on the ground.

Will Biden have the IRS agents "packin' heat" when they raid the tip jar at the restaurant's closing time?

There is class, and there is trash. James Carville said it best, Georgia.

Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and President Joe Biden: Also known as Winken, Blinken and Nod.

Stalled airlines, foreign balloons, toxic train wrecks, failing bridges, backed-up containers. Where is Pete? Not on the job, obviously. And we still pay him.

Why have the Republicans and the national news media forgotten the fate of Paul Whelan, the former Marine held in Russia?

No matter which political party claims the classified document situations involving Trump and Biden are different, they're actually making a distinction without a difference.

Calling gender mutilation in minors "gender-affirming care" is no different than calling an abortion "women's health care."

Lovely history of local Presbyterians in TFP, but no information how "the Methodist split echoes Presbyterian past," as the headline promised.

Wondering how a responsible gun owner could have a firearm lying around where a 2-year-old could obtain it and shoot his brother.

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