The Rant

The outpouring of support for Bills' Damar Hamlin is a great antidote to what we see in D.C. Praying for his full recovery.

Kevin, you have Donald beat with five lost elections (as of Wednesday) to his one.

The failure of the House Republicans to rally around a speaker on the first day of the new Congress demonstrates how out of touch with reality and the American people they are.

Trump is selling "We the People" Bibles; however, as president I saw him in front of a church once but never inside of one.

Saw this Tennessee speciality license plate: Orange T on the left and several spaces later in black letters IGER. Very cool idea.

Republicans are taking over Congress this week, and I hope they offer programs to help our country because investigations alone won't do it.

Is there anything left for Joe to mess up after immigration, crime, gas prices, baby formula, inflation, Afghanistan, infrastructure, debt, interest rates, border security? Nope.

On Jan. 2, 1880, Chattanooga recorded a record high of 69. I wonder how many people attributed this to "global warming."

Russia is upset by the Ukrainian attack that killed 63 Russian soldiers. Russia has killed 6,826 Ukrainian citizens (428 children) and 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

King Charles III and Prince William: Accept Prince Harry back into the family fold. The queen would have wanted it.

Harry and Meghan trash the royal family and make millions and millions off of it. How long can that last?

Star Parker's vitriolic attack on teachers' unions was disingenuous. The school district's website provides the relevant information. Apparently, those who can't teach write pointless commentary.

If you believe Trump used the tax laws to avoid paying taxes, then change the tax laws!

How'd you like that transitory inflation? Worst market in years. More to come. Thanks, ole Joe.

Looking forward to campaign pics of Mayor Wamp with displaced people from East Ridge that he chose not to support (which only required his signature).

Mayor [Kelly], you don't have enough money to pave all the roads in the city that need it. At least, please pave the major arteries.

Simple way to tell someone follows Satan: They write prescription drug TV commercials we are subjected to during evening news.

Got some sticker shock today. Watched an old episode of "The Price is Right." Then went to the grocery store. This is what's called "progressive"?

Was TFP aware in its adoption story the Holston Home and the United Methodist Church have not been together since 2002? Didn't think so.

How far the GOP has fallen. Last week's pathetic antics in the House does not bode well for the next two years.

Why don't we ever see Rep. Chuck Flesichmann talking about the issues in the TFP? Is he scared to go there, too?

The governing concept of majority rule with an acknowledgement of minority rights seems to have gone completely catawampus under Biden, the DOJ and the FBI.

The Democrats do not tax and spend. Rather, they first spend and then tax.

When truth is cast down to the ground, you get what's happening in America, England, Australia and New Zealand. Lies.

Revving engines, squealing tires, unmuffled engines growling and backfiring, racing in circles. Daytona? Talladega? Nope. North Shore on a Saturday night.

Many thanks to the person who found my Clemson tiger-pawed iPhone in the Ooltewah Walmart parking lot.