The Rant

Colorful Speech Bubble Copyspace
Colorful Speech Bubble Copyspace

We don't know what healthy government looks like. So when we see it in the House, returning power to the people, the Dems go berserk.

The first laws passed by House Republicans was to gut the ethics committee. George Santos was delighted. You Republicans must be so proud.

Classified documents are classified documents regardless of volume. Equal justice for all. Joe must be investigated. And they knew before midterms. Why didn't we know?

How about the rioting in Brazil over false election charges. Wherever did they get that idea?

Will the "woke" ever awaken to what's really going on?

NPR has a team of fact checkers. Fox News has a team of ratings checkers.

Biden: A presidential fiasco characterized by too many failures, falsehoods, foibles and faux pas to list. All "F's."

Republicans: Ban all abortions! All. Of. Them. Democrats: Trans teens must have puberty blockers and mastectomies. This is why we need two political parties.

Did Biden see any illegals on his border trip? Think not. They cleaned up all the sidewalks. Moved aliens away. Why would anyone gaslight this?

The Dems are reading names and ringing bells from Jan. 6th like it's 9/11. It's not the same.

POTUS has been to more ice cream shops than border towns, more bike trips than international trips, more vacations than any living president.

Trump lost an election, his followers stormed the Capitol, he moved to Florida. His friend Bolsonaro (Brazil) lost, he moved to Florida, and his followers stormed Congress.

Kevin, just because you are speaker of the House, you still can't overturn the 2020 election

My dog's DNA test: 30% Chihuahua, 30% pit bull, 20% Lab, 10% Genghis Khan, 10% Nick Cannon.

Glad the House Republicans had the fortitude to regain order and representation that Pelosi took away. She was a monarchy in the wrong country.

It seems Republicans want to rid the country of Democrats and have an ultra-conservative dictatorship. The venom they spew is frightening.

Three hundred young people die every day from fentanyl because of the stupidity of Joe Biden. And Democrats are so proud of him.

If people like Nick Fuentes and Kanye West are getting inside Mar-a-Lago, you will have to increase security to protect Trump from Iran.

Donald Trump has come to believe that Jan. 6 was just a "flash mob" celebrating our form of government.

Donald Trump Jr.: As you are selling "We the People Bibles," remember what Jesus did to the money lenders when he entered the temple.

Instead of the "Grand Old Party," the GOP is now the "Groundless Old Party" with no heart, soul or direction.

The liberal media would have you believe that most Republicans are mega MAGA. It's just not true. There are no more extremist Republicans than Democrats.

Taxes build our roads, so why should we have to then pay to drive on them?

Three cheers to all of the football players who could have, but did not, opt out of playing in their team's bowl game this year.

Reminding Mayor Tim Kelly of his campaign promises: Pave our roads please. They are terrible!

Rheubin Taylor, why not just walk away into private practice. Don't you want peace? It's a new administration. Let him pick his own lawyer.

TFP photographer Robin Rudd's photo, "Bridges of Light," in the Jan. 5 edition is astonishing! The composition, depth, color, sparkle, symmetry ... Beautiful work!

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