The Rant

Why on earth would you kill a sandhill crane?

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, we need also to acknowledge his wife, Coretta Scott King. She sacrificed alongside her husband.

Reducing a downtown street from four lanes to two is absurd.

More than 250 kids in child protective care had to sleep in offices and hospital beds. It's my greatest hope this problem has been resolved.

It would be an easy choice, Speaker McCarthy, to put George Santos on the Ethics Committee.

New Yorkers did not vote for George Santos. They voted for a fictional character he created. He shouldn't be there.

The country is in trouble because of Republican actions (investigations) and Democrats inaction (no solid proposals).

Joe inadvertently misplaced classified documents, inadvertently withdrew from Afghanistan without plan, inadvertently caused inflation by printing money we didn't have. His presidency is sadly inadvertent.

The FBI (fake Biden investigators) will likely place Biden's classified documents in the same room as Hunter Biden's computer.

Funding for IRS rescinded by new Republicans in the House. Rich Republicans don't want to pay taxes; they want the poor and middle class to carry the load.

Cooperation is not a defense. Taking classified docs is illegal. Storing in a garage is reckless endangerment for our country.

Biden's classified docs: He didn't steal them, hide them, claim them as his own, refuse to turn them over or lie about turning them over.

Guess Trump's cellmate will be ole Joe, who will be confused about where his Corvette is and why he can't visit Delaware every weekend.

So Hillary and Joe keep their classified documents unscathed, yet Trump is pursued relentlessly. Different justice system for Dems. Watch out, Republicans.

Republican Party opposed Social Security and Medicare when Democrats initiated them and are still against both. Senior citizens, take note and vote.

R&D means research and development; however not much R&D goes on in Congress between Republicans (R) and Democrats (D).

Ron Hart reminds me of the best of political humor from the day. Right of center, smart, funny and likeable

Walking at the mall on Saturday, I observed gambling going on around some kiosks (three-card Monte). Couldn't find security anywhere.

My heart goes out to CPD officer asleep in patrol car. First thought is NOT lazy. It's overtired, stressed and overworked in making ends meet!

Lazy, inefficient: Not setting up voice mail, but calling back the caller ID number, asking if someone from that office called you.

Recent HCDE fair was very informative, in spite of the drum corps preventing conversations for too long a time. Rude.

Why would anybody want to shoot a sandhill crane? They don't seem like much of a "sporting bird."

Used to, state legislators had to report which lobbyist they talked to and about what. Not any more. Smells like corruption.

Sen. Gardenhire, pushing public funds for private schools, claimed Hamilton County "keeps letting these [public] schools fail." Apparently, HCDE also "lets" poverty and inequity exist.

School board says they have to decide want they want to accomplish before they punish bullying. That's easy: Accomplish learning.

Fact: Wives who carry a little extra weight live longer than husbands who often remind them of that.

Tennessee Trash. We've earned the name. Have never seen this much trash on our roadways and in public places. Stop it!

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