The Rant

The Rant / Getty Images

Tax time. IRS, please advise. Does the exorbitant amount of money I spent for gas and eggs in 2022 go under charitable or political contributions?

Thanks, NFL and TurboTax, for incessant commercials during playoff games and reminding us that taxes are due soon.

Documents found in Biden offices, home and his "locked" garage. Search the Corvette's trunk, too. Jimmy Hoffa's probably in there -- under some more documents.

New delicatessen sandwich: the "George Santos." Advertised as hand-carved prime rib on artisan bun. Actually two slices of baloney on stale bread.

Woke means awake, aware. It means gathering information from multiple sources, being open-minded. Not being gullible. The opposite of MAGA. I'm proud to be woke.

Men: Until you carry the weight for nine months, force the baby through your most private parts, and give your life to caring for it, it's not your call.

Congratulations to George Santos. He's using Trump's playbook: Lie, cheat, steal and deny. Maybe he'll be the GOP nominee for POTUS.

At age 73, my hair is getting much like my kids and grandkids -- getting hard to find and hard to mind!

The Supreme Court saying they can't find out who leaked the Roe v. Wade memo just means it was one of the justices who did it.

Joe doesn't enforce our border laws. Seriously. He vows to protect and defend, yet doesn't. We have adequate laws. Not enforcing should render impeachment. Seriously.

Pathological liar, spurious résumé writer and newly elected Congressman Santos has a bright future as Trump speech writer. Counterfeit résumé skills translate nicely.

In politics, you don't have to prove that your side is better. Instead, just prove the other side is worse.

A new show debuted on the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) Network this week and will run for 12 years. It's titled "Chrisley Knows Prison."

Women, you now have been designated as second-class citizens in Tennessee and the nation. Can't let this happen. Rise up.

Thirty-nine mass shootings in the first 23 days of the year. What are we going to about this, America? Nothing? Looks that way.

Republicans added $8 trillion to our debt; now they don't want to pay the bills. So much for fiscal responsibility.

Why must the United States impede its economic development to meet climate goals when China and India will not?

Oh, how I miss Leonard Pitts columns! [Pitts retired at the end of 2022].

Why do Tennesseans throw trash from their vehicles on the road. Is it sloth or ignorance?

Tom Brady's new movie starring a bunch of 80ish women suggests he needs new management. Movie leaves me with clear mental picture. Depends.

Woke: adjective; "alert to and concerned about social injustice and discrimination." A good thing. Who would ever want to live life asleep?

Ken Smith is on both the County Commission and City Council. How does he decide who to help or hurt?

Mayor, thanks for paving McCallie, Dodds and Glenwood avenues. You have miles and miles to go before you sleep.

Because of the level of gun violence in America today, I always check the exits when I go out somewhere. How sad is that?

Mayor Kelly, there are a lot of potholes on Gunbarrel Road, from the entrance to Walmart down to Shallowford Road. What's up?

City official bar/nightclub customer "code of conduct?" How do you feed people alcohol and expect them to comply? Absolutely bizarre and self-contradictory.

Will the children who are acting the part of commissioners please take your afternoon naps and settle this mess about the corrupt county attorney and send him packing.

Hat's off to the lady who has been feeding the same two "homeless cats" at Heritage Park for 12 years (squirrels and birds eat, also).