Time for Scenic City to be scenic again and more letters to the editors

Time for Scenic City to be scenic again

The title of "Scenic City" is a joke to anyone who observes the amount of trash in this city and county. Every interstate entrance and exit ramp is a trash dump. Along the sides of the roads and streets, it is embarrassing to see.

The citizens of the city and county are the ones making the mess by throwing trash onto the streets. As to who should clean it up, I do not know. The state is responsible for state roads and the county for county roads; likewise, the city for city streets. It would be a 24/7 job to try to stem the dumping, but someone must make the effort.

To those with the power (mayors), get in touch with the state and complain. Citizens can call the county and city mayors to try to get some improvement. In an ideal world, the general population would not be so slovenly. They would take trash to an appropriate container instead of throwing it out the car window. I have no solution but want others to take notice and try to remedy the ugliness. Mayor Wamp, Mayor Kelly and mayors of surrounding municipalities, please address this. I want to see the city be scenic again.

Linda R. Harris


Wants entitlement systems to stay same

The Times Free Press conservative opinion page recently featured a commentary by syndicated columnist Star Parker, who claimed that the nation has a "broken entitlement" system and that Social Security needs to be replaced by a new system based on "real ownership and investment." That is great for the top 10%, who own 88% of investments, and for the top 1%, who own a third of the nation's wealth.

But what about the bottom 50%, who own 2.6%? Social Security/Medicare has been a lifesaver for low-income and elderly Americans for nearly 90 years and 60 years, respectively.

Gary Furman

Reader put off by puzzle format

The only reason I subscribe to the paper is to get the daily puzzles. Now that the format of the classic Sudoku has been altered, I'm thinking of cancelling altogether. It's no fun to work any more, so why bother?

Mary Aleta Word

Second Amendment is misunderstood

The most right-wing, American "constitutional originalists" want to believe that the Second Amendment gives them the right to have and hold guns -- any gun, every gun -- at all places, at all times. However, "true originalists" understand that the Second Amendment, as written, gives the right and obligation for: "a well regulated Militia being necessary ... ."

If any American citizen wants to continue to see our children and grandchildren, our moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, husbands and wives, and best friends murdered at a higher rate than any other country in the world -- even more than all other countries in the world altogether, let them continue to misinterpret the Second Amendment to the Constitution to our people's sorrow and our nation's ultimate tragedy.

Franklin and Tresa McCallie