The Rant

Very appropriate that I-75 construction meeting was at OLPH. "P" stands for perpetual. That's what interstate work will be for the next 2,000 years.

Would you ever have imagined that America wouldn't trust women to make their own decisions?

So John Rich opposes red flag laws. So what is your solution, John, for school shootings and others? Zero. Shut up and sing, John.

Gratitude to police and city leadership for addressing noise/speeding car/motorcycle problem on north shore. Please also paint crosswalk lines and ticket jaywalkers.

I disagree with the person who suggests removing the "In the Bleachers" comic. While I don't always "get it," it is usually funny (and the only reason I flip to the sports section).

Wow! Made-for-TV suspense movie plot right here: a suspected war criminal from Eastern Europe hides out in Southeast Tennessee for years. How did he do it? Who knew?

A friend from out of state had to go to the emergency room at Erlanger North. He asked me if all the hospitals in Chattanooga looked rundown and dirty.

Riverbend Festival-lite president asking for more tourism taxpayer funding. What are annual nonprofit salaries of Riverbend's needy executives? CVB president makes $270,000.

Hey TFP: Listing Hamilton County real estate transfers by GI number is not useful at all. Readers cannot know what properties are in their area to compare with their own.

Study finds gunfire as leading cause of death for Tennessee youth. Aren't 'cha' proud?

To the letter writer who thinks climate change is a joke, have you looked at our shrinking glaciers in the Arctic?

The alleged Bosnian war criminal who has lived in East Ridge for 25 years deserves to go to prison.

Mayor Kelly, repurpose an empty building downtown for a home for the homeless.

John Rich, stick to music as Tennessee does need "rebranded" red flag law.

Trust for Public Land is a perfect example of credible tax money support. Tangible benefits: Expanded green space attracts visitors. Radically different from CVB handouts.

Thanks to NYT columnist Pamela Paul for writing about "time" last week. It gets so boring that all columnists on the two editorial pages are writing about Trump.

Gov. Kemp, protect Georgia's Jewish citizens against those neo-Nazi protesters as the protests could lead to violence.

Federal government shutdown? If we have a shutdown in the fall, Marsha, Bill and Chuck are not doing their jobs.

Is it just a "resume builder" for all these people running for president, most of whom have no chance in winning?

Republicans say they're anti-abortion to preserve sanctity of life, but they don't mind putting a gun in anybody's hands. What phonies. Hateful people.

The singing group "The Supremes" never got credit for tap dancing. Today's top court can claim that credit: They are the Supreme tap dancers.

Speaker McCarthy, you can expunge the official record; however, you can't expunge from our minds two impeachments of Trump.

Look at candidates doing weightlifting and push-ups. Joe challenges but never produces. Let's see it.

Donald Trump says Democrats are thugs and mutants who execute newborn babies. Please, just keep your mouth shut.

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