The Rant

Dramatic drama departments at McCallie and GPS. Overlords sanitizing content. Hurry to the libraries! Burn Shakespeare, Twain and Milton for references to Satan and skirts.

$16 million was way too much for the county to pay for that McDonald farm; now it's $100,000 for a study. Here we go.

Seems to me too many Ranters too often disparage and call other Ranters names when the latter honestly express their opinions — the essence of freedom.

Which is more annoying, never ending ambulance-chasing commercials or robo calls? Both are.

Re: School plays battleground: Caution, brain drain ahead.

So we are stuck with County Attorney Rheubin Taylor till 2025. Great. Thanks, commissioners.

Does it matter to you that some religious commercials make no sense?

Hey, Hamilton County, let me revamp your website. Unlike your current contractor, I won't charge you a million dollars.

Is anyone as tired as I am of those commercials: "We want to buy your house"? They offer low-ball prices!

Move over Trump: "The Art of Making a Sweetheart Deal" by Hunter Biden, with contributing and consulting editor Joe Biden.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the natural choice for America's Karen. She's blond, has a loud voice and is not afraid to call anyone out.

Look how good liberals have done for 60 years with education, homelessness, crime, entitlements, family structure, drug addiction. Honestly, take a good look. Truth hurts.

Republicans are in a world of hurt in 2024. They can't bring themselves to dump Trump. But they know they need to.

It is unbelievable that the Democrats continue to back Joe Biden. Not only is he inept, his entire Cabinet is as well.

The more Ron DeSantis talks, the more I dislike him. What is happening?

President Biden, how are the refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine doing here? Do they have homes, jobs, health care, advocates?

Gitmo should be closed immediately and the prisoners repatriated to their home countries. Some detainees have been held there for 20 years with no trial. Inhumane.

I wonder if Corn Pop left the cocaine in the White House?

Dear Marsha, patriotism is not "taught" in schools. That would be called indoctrination, the way of Russia and Nazi Germany.

Banning the teaching of gender and race from Tennessee schools is as naive as when the teaching of evolution was banned 100 years ago.

Nancy's insisting on term limits for justices, yet not for herself in the House. How prime and hypocritical.

Patriotism is pride and belief in our nation. It is love of country before love of party. Our leaders are supposed to inspire, not just be political hacks.

Jill calls Joe Biden the "education president." He's more like the teacher's union president.

Is it just me or are the GOP and the SCOTUS forcing their religious views on everyone?

The attack and murder of Palestinians in the occupied town of Jenin is to distract from Israeli prime minister's three corruption trials.

If crime was illegal and had definite consequences, fewer people would commit it, including mass shootings. Let's try it for a change.

WHO, can you rush research on a vaccine for mass shootings?

Want someone piloting your airplane because of skin color or ability? How about your physician? Professor? Police? VP? It's finally time to get it right.